How To Lose Weight In A Day

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  • Find out how which foods and simple exercises can help you drop upto 5lb in a day...

    Squeezing in a short burst of exercise is one of the quickest ways to drop weight in a day. As well as giving you more energy, a swift 60-minute workout will kick-start your metabolic rate enabling your body to churn through calories at a faster pace.

    One of the best calorie burners out there is Zumba. Available countrywide, this salsa-inspired aerobics class can see you shed between 500 and 1000 calories per session. Television presenter, Lorraine Kelly swears by it and claims it’s the one mode of exercise which has helped her maintain a two stone weight loss-for four years.

    If you don’t fancy getting all hot and bothered in the studio, head to the nearest swimming pool instead. Gentle on your joints and easy on the heart, a moderate 45-minutes of breast stroke can burn a whopping 680 calories. Don’t worry if you’re not a confident swimmer, simply treading water can burn up to 545 alone.

    If you don’t have time to hit the leisure centre, dancing can burn upwards of 450 calories per hour – there’s no better incentive to be the first one on the dance-floor at your next event.

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