Genius Ideas For Your Leftover Wine

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  • These handy tips for using your leftover wine to its advantage mean you'll never have to feel guilty about buying a bottle again...

    Love a glass of wine in the evening, but find yourself having to throw out the bit at the bottom of the bottle you just can’t finish? Make use of it, and you’ll never be tempted to finish off the whole bottle again (maybe…).

    There’s no reason to pour away your leftover wine – instead, have a look through our gallery of ideas and make the most out of it! Whether you’ve got most of the bottle left or just a few sips at the bottom, you can easily put that wine to good use with one of these clever leftover ideas.

    From how to use your favourite tipple for softer and smoother skin to the easy way to inject more flavour in your dishes, these leftover wine ideas are quick and easy. In fact, you may be tempted to open a bottle just to try them out! We’ve even got the truth about whether you can – or should – use wine to clean with.

    One of our favourite ways to use up leftover wine is in our beauty routine. It may sound strange, but wine isn’t just good for heart health – it can also make your skin soft, smooth and youthful.

    The recent trend in anti-ageing is vinotherapy – and while bathing completely in wine may not be possible for the average person, it is true that adding a liberal pour to your next bath will leave your skin looking smoother. Its reparative resveratrol and exfoliating tartaric acid soften, disinfect, and regenerate your skin, meaning you’ll look great – and there may just be enough left over for a glass as you soak!

    Follow our handy tips for making the most of your leftovers, and become the savviest of wine drinkers…

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