Easy ways to beat the bloat this festive season

Ever had that feeling where it’s as if you’ve gained 10 pounds in a single weekend?

Or have you ever suddenly found that your waistband is a tad too tight? Or how about those evenings where you feel particularly full and gassy? Bloating is probably to blame.

All women experience bloating at some point in their lives, and most will agree that it’s an unpleasant feeling – not to mention how unsightly it can look, as well.

So what actually causes that dreaded puffiness? We all know that eating too much (like say, a big feast on Christmas Day) can cause a swollen tummy but for some people, bloating isn’t just an occasional inconvenience. If you frequently suffer from bloating, it could be caused by a variety of different reasons; from something you ate or drank that didn’t agree with you to suffering from constipation to retaining fluid. Even the way you eat could be a contributing factor.

The good news is that feeling uncomfortable doesn’t have to be the norm. Learn how to stop bloating with these tried and tested, simple tips. From the foods you should be munching on and the ones to avoid, to the daily habits and supplements you should embrace, these expert tips will help alleviate a bloated tummy.

The easiest way to learn what’s causing your bloating symptoms is to read up on potential causes and try to alter your diet or eating routine. More often than not, a few simply lifestyle chances are the key to how to stop bloating. That’s why we’ve rounded up the most common culprits and the easy solutions to help you beat the bloat.

Keep reading to say goodbye to bloating symptoms for good…

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