Can’t Shift Stubborn Weight? Reach For A Glass Of Water

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  • Fed up of those stubborn pounds and hard to shift weight? It's time to get on the water.

    Would you believe that dehydration is actually one of the biggest causes of weight gain? We were surprised, too! But it turns out that not drinking enough water lowers the body’s ability to burn fat, slows down the metabolism and encourages you to eat more. Yikes.

    Here’s the science behind the water and weight loss issue. When we’re dehydrated, our cells deplete in energy. The brain then receives signals to up this energy which can be easily confused with hunger. Therefore, we eat when we should just be having a gulp of good old H20.

    The result? Stubborn fat around the middle, which can be difficult to shift.

    But there is some good news. You can actually boost your weight loss with water ? which is not only easy, but it?s also free!

    How? We all know that we should be getting 8 glasses of H20 every day, but many of us struggle to consume even half that. Enter our easy tips to boost your intake and kick start your weight loss with water.

    Make sure you?re drinking enough water and you?ll be revving up your weight loss in no time. Another bonus? Drinking water is essential for healthy, glowing skin.

    Our first tip? Carry it with you! One of the main reasons we don’t get enough water is because we never have it with us. Buy a large water bottle and fill it up at the beginning of, and throughout, the day.

    Once you have it in your bag you’ll find yourself reaching for it all the time, often without even thinking about it. If you work in an office, make sure there’s always a bottle on your desk and the same for in the car!

    Keep reading for more top tips on how to get more H2O into your daily routine and boost your weight loss with water…

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