5 Ways To Make Shop-Bought Soup Low Calorie

Jump on the souping bandwagon and get all the benefits of soup without all the hassle of cooking it from scratch.

Low-calorie soup seems to be having a moment in the diet and health world. ‘Souping is the new juicing’ Los Angelenos Angela Blatteis and Vivienne Vella declared when they created their detox soup delivery, Soupure earlier this year. Low-calorie soup can warm you up and give you a more satisfying and healthy meal with added fibre that you won’t find in juice.

But you don’t need to order a pricy soup cleanse or cook up soup from scratch every night (although we have plenty of tasty recipes if you have the time) to enjoy the health benefits of low-calorie soup. You can add in a few mix-ins to a shop-bought soup for a nutritional powerhouse that will warm you up and help you lose weight.

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