5 Reasons To Get Juicing

Whether you're looking to slim down or just give your health a helping hand, swap that sugary morning smoothie for a vitamin-packed pick-me-up - your body will thank you for it...

Juicing fruits and vegetables isn’t a new concept. The A-list have long proclaimed the anti-ageing, waistline shrinking effects of these all-natural vitamin boosters in a glass but unlike so many other faddy diets, nutritionists are inclined to agree that juicing can have a transformative effect.Meet two people that know this only too well.

‘Juice Master’ Jason Vale and ‘Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead’ documentary maker Joe Cross have both battled obesity and various other health concerns in the past. Jason was addicted to smoking, alcohol and junk food before he embarked on a juice diet, while at one point Joe tipped the scales at 22 stone – which is when he decided that something had to change.

Both men decided to embrace juicing and change the way they ate. Not only did the pounds begin to drop off, but they felt better than ever simply by swapping the junk for pulped fresh produce. Their energy-levels were no longer dictated by caffeine, nor their sleep patterns while those niggly health problems such as eczema, hay fever, psoriasis and acne completely disappeared.

So, whether you’re looking to drop a dress size in time for summer or just want to take better care of your body, could juicing be for you? Keep reading to find out! Here Joe and Jason give us five reasons why you should giving juicing a go, plus the juicing kit you need to get started.

Read their expert tips and then decide for yourself if juicing could be the answer to your health concerns – whether you want to shed some extra pounds or try a different method to tackle your health problems or just get more vitamins and nutrients into your diet.

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