16 Tiny Changes That Add Up to Big Weight Loss

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  • If the thought of regular exercise leaves you cold, take heart. New research shows that even the smallest amount of activity can make major health gains...

    Exercise-phobes take note! Scientists have found that the calories burned by jogging or sweating at the gym are in fact negligible compared with everyday movements such as standing, bending, fidgeting and walking.

    Yes, you read that right. Don’t like the gym? Hate going for a run? Wouldn’t be caught dead on a tennis court? You can still lose weight and feel great! That’s because it turns out that even small bursts of activity can have a serious impact on our health. This is great news for those of us who don’t love working up a serious sweat, not to mention the naturally fidgety amongst us!

It’s known as non-exercise activity thermogenesis, or NEAT, and even the least sporty of us can make a huge impact on our health by moving a little bit more during the day. 

    Here to give us some easy exercise tips is Dr Mike Loosemore, consultant in sport and exercise medicine at the Institute of Sport Exercise and Health at University College London. ‘Even a single step on a stair, or standing up for a few seconds can put you on a positive path to better health,’ says Dr Loosemore.

    ‘Start thinking ‘if I stand for a minute now’ or ‘walk a bit further here’ and it’ll make a difference. They may be small moves but, over a year, the gains are huge’.

    To prove that small changes can indeed make a big difference, we’ve found 16 easy exercise tips you can do with minimal effort. In fact, these exercises are so simple that you probably won’t even notice you’re doing them! Incorporate them into your daily routine and then marvel at the results. Losing weight and taking care of your health has never been easier. 

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