10 Diet Phrases To Remove From Your Life

When you’re trying eat well, it can sometimes feel like you are fighting a constant battle between what your head tells you should be eating and what your taste buds want to be eating. Eliminate these ten diet phrases from your life and liberate yourself from that dreaded diet rut…

 1. I have a sweet tooth

Limit your sugar intake and your sugar cravings will reduce so that you find sweet foods noticeably less desirable.

2. I won’t eat tomorrow

You will eat – your metabolism is far too evolved to fall for this trick. Your body will assume that you’re experiencing a famine and try to store food to make up for the lack.

3. I deserve it

Of course you do, but you also deserve to be liberated from having to diet constantly.

4. I’ll make up for it tomorrow

Repeatedly indulging upsets your metabolic rate as you eat too much, then too little, then too much again.

5. I’ll work it off at the gym later

Fine plan, but your body has no idea that you aren’t planning to store it. So unfortunately, the chances are that much of it will already be stored away by the time you start exercising.

6. Can I have..?

Yes, why not?

7. Who cares? I can start tomorrow

You do care, or at least you will the next day.

8. Am I allowed? 

Yes, you can eat what you like. No food is out of bounds but it should all be consumed in moderation.

9. It’ll see me through the morning…

You shouldn’t expect your food to sustain you that long; it simply has to see you through two and a half hours.

10. I’ve been good

There is no ‘good’ and ‘bad’, but staying slim and healthy is the most valuable reward.

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