We just stumbled across this pic of baby-faced Kate Middleton and it seems she was a pioneer for the '90s skinny brow trend

Maybe skinny eyebrows are chic after all

Kate Middleton skinny brow
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We just found a picture of the Princess of Wales sporting some seriously thin brows before her and Prince William got engaged and we're honestly pretty obsessed with the '90s inspired brow look.

Eyebrows are one of those features that plague all of our minds on a frequent basis - namely questions of "Should I be getting mine waxed?" "How thick or thin should they be?" "What eyebrow shape looks best on me?" and the lot likely running through your head. And sometimes, even if you have great products, like the best brow gels out there, they still don't turn out the way you hoped.

While some of us were simply just blessed with perfect brows, others have to work to maintain certain shape preferences and so on - and one person who we've noticed has significantly changed their brows over the years (although they have continued to look amazing nonetheless) is none other than Kate Middleton.

Kate Middleton's brows in present day can be described as perfectly waxed, yet still maintain a thick texture and perfectly complement the rest of her facial features. Although Kate's brows have always maintained their neatness and dark brown hue, they have ranged in thickness over the years (we also know she loves this Bobbi Brown eyebrow product) - and we just found a photo of the Princess with some seriously thin '90s brows from 2005. And honestly, we're kind of obsessed with them.

Kate Middleton skinny brow

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The photo above was taken on 30 March, 2005 (nearly 20 years ago!), and we see a baby-faced Kate donning some skiing gear, getting ready to hit the slopes on a late winter's day. 

During this time, the Princess was dating Prince William, and was on holiday with the Royal family in the Swiss Alps, enjoying some last moments of winter and engaging in snowy activities, including skiing. But it's not the arches of the mountains they skied on that we're interested in - it's those thin eyebrows Catherine sported. 

Kate Middleton skinny brow

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Kate's eyebrows naturally are much thicker on the inner edges, and then get thinner as the brow line moves toward the outside of her face - and although this remains true, as Kate tends to like to keep a significant brow arch, the edges are really thin in this picture. This is leading us to believe her (and every other person in the early 2000s) was still sporting that chic '90s brow trend.

But are thin '90s brows coming back? Pamela Anderson, for example, has been championing thin brows for decades, even while thicker eyebrows continue to trend in the makeup world in the last few years. The likes of Drew Barrymore, Bella Hadid, and Cameron Diaz also still rock a thin brow - and maybe we're next. 

This leaves us with our final, resounding query: Are thin brows in again? Because the Princess of Wales makes a pretty strong case for them. 

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