Mango has a £23 tote bag that's almost identical to the iconic Longchamp Le Pliage

This bargain Longchamp lookalike had us dashing to the Mango checkout

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Searching for the perfect shopper bag to cart around all your summer essentials? We have just found the quiet luxury bag of dreams on the high street, and it's pretty much identical to a Longchamp classic.

Longchamp bags are some of the most timeless totes on the market, and they have hardly wavered in popularity over the last couple of decades. Among the best designer bags under £1000, they deliver on style points and practicality.

A standard Longchamp Le Pliage tote will still cost you over £100, so isn't totally budget friendly for everyone. However, when doing our regular scroll of the Mango website, we came across a zip shoulder bag that is almost indistinguishable from the Longchamp favourite - for just £22.99.

Mango Longchamp Lookalike

Even the best lookalikes will have a fair few differences from the real thing. Although the Mango shape, brown accents, and colourways available are almost identical to the Le Pliage, it lacks the signature flap fastening that defines the Longchamp tote.

The Longchamp original is made from recycled polyamide canvas with an inside coating and Russian leather (cowhide) trims, whilst the Mango version is made from 90% polyamide and 10% polyurethane, so will probably not age quite as well if you wear it consistently.

The majority of the best designer bags come with a steep price tag because they are made from premium materials, but if you're after appearance over quality, there's no going wrong here. Sleek, versatile, and extremely practical, we predict a sell-out with this Mango tote.

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