Top Facial Exfoliators To Invigorate Your Skin

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  • Brighter, clearer skin can be yours for the taking with our beauty editor's pick of the best facial exfoliators

    Want gorgeous looking skin? The secret to a flawless complexion starts with a great facial exfoliator. Lavishing your complexion in state-of-the-art cleansers, lotions and creams is all very well, but if your skin is submerged in a build up of blocked pores and dead skin cells, those high-performance potions aren?t going to seep very far beneath the skins surface. Facial exfoliators ensure that your moisturisers, serums and cleansers are able to work their magic by giving them a clear surface to work on.

    As well as freeing your skin of troublesome dead cells and excess sebum (natural oils and grease), regular facial exfoliation can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, not to mention giving your pores a chance to breathe which reduces the odds of spontaneous breakouts.

    The trick however, is not to get too carried away. Scrubbing too vigorously or using the wrong type of facial exfoliator for your skin type can actually damage your complexion, accentuating red patches and unnecessarily agitating sensitive areas.

    Often people with mature or overly oily skin will opt for a heavy duty exfoliator in an effort to tackle the onset of wrinkles and excessively blocked pores head on but this is a common mistake which can make the problem worse and ravage your skin in the process. Instead, opt for a gentle facial exfoliator that will minimise pores and fine lines without irritating the skin.

    Surprisingly all skin types regardless of individual concerns can benefit from finer spherical grains crafted from naturally sourced ingredients opposed to the jagged grains found in more chemically enhanced concoctions.

    Our beauty experts have tried and tested the very best facial exfoliators on the market to pinpoint exactly the right one for you. So whether you have dry skin, sensitive skin, dull skin or even clear skin, your perfect facial exfoliator awaits…