This TikTok hair hack will give you voluminous waves like Kate Middleton

A gorgeous glossy blowout like Kate Middleton's is easy to achieve with this TikTok hair hack

TikTok bouncy curls hack
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A TikTok hair hack that promises Kate Middleton-style curls is trending on social media.

Kate Middleton's hair is the envy of many who love the Duchess of Cambridge's natural-looking curly locks. So if you want gentle loose curls like the Duchess but you can't afford a Dyson airwrap, we have you covered with this new TikTok hair hack that means you can wake up with bouncy curls every morning, with very minimal effort.

The dressing gown curls hack is similar to the viral TikTok blow-dry hack that helps you achieve a Dyson Airwrap look in five minutes. 

But this newer hair hack is cheaper and even better for your hair, as it doesn't require heat and you only need a dressing gown belt.

Kate Middleton

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The low-budget hack only requires a normal dressing gown cord, which means that anyone can try it without spending money on hair products, curling irons, or the best hair dryer.

TikTok users explained that all you need to do is place a dressing gown cord on your head and then neatly twist your hair around the cord as it hangs on either side of your head. You then sleep with your hair wrapped around the cord and when you wake up and remove the belt, you'll be left with heatless curls.

"Split your hair down the middle and pop your dressing gown cord in the middle as well. Then you need to grab a little piece and bring it underneath. Once you bring it underneath you grab another little piece and you keep repeating this," explained a TikToker.

You then need to twist the rest of your hair around your dressing gown cord and then secure it at the end with a hairband, and voila! Hack completed. 


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Fans have been super impressed by the results of this hack, which leaves them with big bouncy curls, that can be brushed out for a natural look or left for a tighter ringlet style curl. 

Although there seems to be some debate about whether the hair should be damp or not when the hack is tried out, it's clear that damp or dry, the results from this hack are undeniable. 

Most of the TikTok users who are trying out the hair hack are impressed by the easiness of the challenge and love the fact that it requires no additional costs or hair damage.


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So if you want hair that would be fit for a Duchess but you don't have the budget for Kate Middleton's shampoo, this might be the perfect hack for you. So long as you have a dressing gown cord—and you're willing to look a little silly while you sleep!

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