The Only Skincare Products You Really Need

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  • Discover which skincare buys you really need - and which ones you can remove from your daily routine

    Does it feel like your skincare routine has gathered more and more steps as the years have gone by? With new skin care products being developed all the time, we have been led to believe we need to use them all every day to keep our skin in tip-top condition.

    But what if we told you that it’s only necessary to use some of these skin care products daily – and the rest occasionally? Our beauty experts have spent years researching the best cleansers, toners, moisturisers and serums to discover which ones you should be using every day – and which ones you only need from time to time.

    The new CC Creams and BB Creams are great for summer and can cut out the need for moisturisers and serums – but aren’t needed in winter, when you will be wearing heavier make-up. There’s no need for us to exfoliate every day and it’s not necessary to wear a serum and an oil. But toners – the one product we’ve dismissed for years – is making a come back with new benefits for your skin, making it a much-needed step in your skincare routine once again.

    Read on to find out which of your favourite skin care products you should hold on to, which new skin care products to invest in and which ones to discard…