I'm a Beauty Editor and these are the Black Friday deals over Cyber Weekend I'd spend my own money on

These 2022 Cyber Weekend beauty deals have caught my eye...

Three of our beauty editors favorite black friday beauty deals by frederic malle, revlon and charlotte tilbyury
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Anyone who knows me knows I love a bargain. Not to reinforce any 'tight Scot' stereotypes but when something catches my eye you'd best believe I'm waiting for a seasonal sale, snapping it up second-hand, or making an unseemly number of attempts to get a working voucher code from one of those infuriating websites. 

Basically, I believe paying full price is for, well, fools (yes, you're absolutely right, this is the source of constant mockery in my friendship group) And the Black Friday sales represent the absolute motherload of deals, discounts, and opportunities to save a few quid in your pre-festive season shopping. Which actually makes a lot more sense than post-Christmas sale shopping, when you think about it.

Obviously, some offers are better than others (I've been lured into the buy two get one free trap more than once) But, if you are planning on shopping, there are genuinely worthwhile deals that will help you spend less than you otherwise would have. So it is my duty, nay, honor, and privilege to bring you my top five Black Friday Cyber Weekend buys. Mostly in my area of expertise, beauty, which makes sense. But also a rogue inclusion that probably feels like it makes no sense at all (socks!) but is truthfully what I'm spending my money on. 

Our Beauty Editors top five Black Friday deals

Revlon One-Step Volumizing Brush $62.99 / £51.75 (opens in new tab)

Revlon One-Step Volumizing Brush $62.99 / £51.75 $37.16 / £30 | Amazon (opens in new tab)

I notice a lot of people getting in a flap about a certain Dyson styling tool at this time of year. While I'm not dissing the almighty Airwrap, what I will say is, if you are not the kind of person who enjoys spending lots of time and energy on creating a multitude of styles, you might be better off saving yourself five tons and buying this. 

It's distinctly more low-fi (ergo much easier to use) and definitely replicates the root lift, volume, and flicky bouncy ends you may be hoping to achieve. It won't curl and, fine, it's not the sexiest looking device - but your hair will be extremely sexy after using it and that's all that really matters. 

Frederic Malle Portrait of a Lady:   £188 (opens in new tab)

Frederic Malle Portrait of a Lady:  £188 £150.40 | John Lewis (UK only) (opens in new tab) 

Yes, she's still pricey. But she's unbelievably gorgeous, my signature perfume and the one that most people ask me what it is and where they can get it whenever I wear it. 

Also, when I say Frederic Malle never discounts, I really mean that. The only chance you ever have of finding this brand reduced is a situation like this, where a kind department store does blanket 20% off and Portrait of a Lady gets caught in the crossfire. It's already sold out on Harvey Nichols for similar reasons. 

Workout Trainer Socks: $24 / £18 (opens in new tab)

Workout Trainer Socks: $24 / £18 $12 / £9 | Sweaty Betty  (opens in new tab)

This is not a beauty recommendation, but it is an honest one. I genuinely bought two packs of these this morning, because 1: You can never have too many running socks 2: Especially not when your big toenail has a curious ability to force its way through the fabric of sports socks, creating a horrible toe-strangulation effect as you bounce around the streets of South East London at 6.30am. 

I've had a few pairs of these for years and the toe noose thing never seems to happen with them. Plus they look cute and are half price. Winner!

$59.34 / £43 (opens in new tab)

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Luxury Palette: $59.34 / £43 $44.50 / £32.20 |  Cult Beauty (opens in new tab)

You have to hand it to Charlotte Tilbury – plenty of makeup brands arrive on a wave of hype but so few can maintain it. The secret? Just being excellent quality stuff, mostly. Oh - and magical names that suggest every product will turn you into a supermodel. 

This palette is a great example and a personal favorite of mine, with four contrasting hues that are neutral, but also just interesting enough to make a tiny bit of a statement. You can use one, or them all, the pigment is great and you can choose from three slightly different selections to suit various skin tones, which is always appreciated.

Cloud Nine Evergreen Collection Wand:  £149 (opens in new tab)

Cloud Nine Evergreen Collection Wand: £149 £109 | Cloud Nine (UK only) (opens in new tab)

Another hair tool - I know! But as those bloodthirsty images of people fighting over discounted TVs prove, Black Friday really is technology's time to shine.

This happens to be my favorite ever hair curling wand, because it is so incredibly light and the smooth, mineral-infused barrel never snags or frazzles my - admittedly pretty parched - hair. It's the perfect size to create grown-up curls (or beachy waves if you brush them out) rather than princessy ringlets. Oh, and this lovely festive green edition comes with free styling products, a paddle brush, and a chic little silk scrunchie. Chef's kiss. 

Fiona McKim
Beauty Editor, womanandhome.com

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