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  • Hair colour is one of the most exciting ways to boost your looks. Here is what it can do for you, and how to pick the right shade.

    Colouring your hair is a quick and easy way to update your look and make you look younger.

    It takes years off your face, and is quicker than surgery – with more predictable and less permanent results. “Colouring your hair creates the most impact and change in an hour,” says Lisa Shepherd, three times British Hair Colourist of the Year and so-named The Hair Colour Doctor, who’s the new colour expert on Channel 4’s 10 Years Younger.

    Grey or greying is not something we have to put up with – unless we choose to. Equally it’s your choice whether you want to try doing it yourself, or get a pro to do it for you. More than 55 per cent of us now colour our hair, and over half are over 40. And if you’re still reading this – chances are you’re already up for it! “White simply isn’t in my vocabulary,” says Jo Hansford.

    Whatever hair colour you’re going for – whether you’re considering the lightest blonde or the darkest brunette – the simplest way to choose colour that always works is to look at the tones in your skin.

    If you’re cool, you’ll have skin with pale pink undertones or skin that burns easily. Eyes are usually blue or grey. Blue-eyed blondes are a beauty classic, while blue-eyed redheads and brunettes look unusual and striking—the right chestnut or brown shade making eyes look more intensely blue. Grey eyes go with everything.

    If you’re warm, your complexion is often described as “peaches and cream” and has yellow undertones, or you could have an olive, Mediterranean, Asian, dark or black skin. Eye colour tends to be brown, hazel or green. Brown eyes, dark brows and blonde hair need careful blending. Sallow yellow complexions aren’t flattered by yellow gold or light copper tones, but intense dark chocolates, deep reds and burgundies will have an energising effect on skin that looks jaded.

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