Why the blunt bob is the ultimate power haircut

Blunt bobs are having a moment

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A blunt bob is the antithesis of lockdown. After months and months of messy buns, air-dried waves, and dry shampoo refreshes, it’s time to book into the salon because blunt bobs are back and they’ve never looked cooler.

Fans of dark Netflix drama I Care a Lot and mini-series Behind Her Eyes will have noticed the shows strong female leads have one thing in common; blunt bob hairstyles, and it’s definitely not unintentional. 

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Kooky characters and anti-heroes throughout the world of tv and film have often been styled with the sophisticated blunt bob, giving them that ‘look-at-me’ edge. A blunt bob alludes to strength and this, of all years, is the year for strength and transformation.

Lately, we’ve been enthralled with Rosamond Pike’s Marla Grayson - those poker-straight locks are seriously impressive - while Adele’s blunt bob is reason enough to get us wondering will there be a Behind Her Eyes season two?

Eve Hewson playing Adele Ferguson in Netflix drama Behind her Eyes

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Not forgetting Natalie Portman in Closer (ok it's a wig, but still) and Sarah Paulson in last year's movie, Run - these are all characters with serious sass - and it’s no coincidence they share the same blunt bob hairstyle.

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The blunt bob not only gives off an air of confidence and strength, it looks good whatever your age, and is also a great hairstyle for women in their 50s. Add bangs into the mix and it becomes one of the sleekest fringe hairstyles you can try, and one of the only hairstyles that make a real statement of self-assurance.

There’s no denying the upkeep of a blunt bob style is a lot of effort; regular trims, daily blow-drying and you’ll need a pair of good straighteners too, but the results speak for themselves and once you’ve got your bob hairstyle learning how to style a bob becomes easy - it’s one of the coolest short hairstyles for women around.

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