Katy Perry’s micro-French mani is the perfect compromise between style and subtlety

Katy is totally embracing the quiet luxury trend with this classy mani

Katy Perry’s micro-French mani
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We're obsessed with Katy Perry's micro-French manicure, and we're taking inspiration from the simple nail look immediately.

With quiet luxury vibes abounding this year, we're always on the hunt for the perfect subtle nail look that gives the perfect balance of trendy and subtlety. Luckily, Katy Perry, who always is debuting super chic manicures, just showed us that French nails can get even classier with her micro-design take on the traditional look. 

French tip nails, if done right, can evoke a feeling of luxury, and are often associated with women in positions of power - think about the women sporting French manis today. Jennifer Lopez, Jill Biden, and even Princess Diana have all sported the traditional manicure in different capacities - and we're not even scratching the surface here for how many people are perpetually utilising this manicure technique for a clean and stylish nail look.

Looking closely at one of Katy Perry's most recent Instagram posts to promote her appearance on Good Morning America, the star wore a highly sequined, amazing dress - and if you look closely, the star is sporting her ultra luxe, micro-French manicure. 

Her nails were filed into a subtle square shape and were then painted with a coat of her favorite nude nail polish, opting for a very light pink for the base. Then, her nail artist brushed a very thin French over the tips of her nails, evoking a "your nails but better look" that complemented her dazzling dress perfectly. 

Katy's baby French was barely there, making it the perfect subtle nail look for those who want to have clean and polished nails without keeping their nail complete nude - because let's fact it, sometimes we just want a little extra oomph to make us feel good.

Katy Perry’s micro-French mani - Princess Diana French manicure

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Although French manis can be sometimes polarising, there's no doubt they're a classy option for when you're stuck on which kind of manicure you want. You can also customise your micro-French to include some fun colours on the tips if that's your vibe - ultimately the best thing about a French is that it's extremely customisable to your preferences, and is a very well-known technique among nail techs, so you can ensure a perfect mani every time.

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