Anti-Ageing Secrets Of The Stars

From beauty buys to at-home concoctions, discover how celebrities keep a youthful edge

Elle Macpherson looks undeniably fab at 50 and along with those supermodel genes she credits pink salts. Impressively, Dr.Salts Himalayan Bath Salts, £4.66 contain the same eighty-four minerals that are found in the human body. Including iodine, magnesium and potassium that aid digestion and hydration. Sprinkled in the bath, a handful of these rosy-hued rocks will flush harmful toxins to reduce swelling, improve circulation, soothe sore muscles and relieve bloating.

Victoria Beckham admits to bathing in Epsom and Himalayan salts as part of her red carpet ritual too. She credits it with helping to flatten her tummy for figure-hugging outfits. Throw a handful into the bath once a week and see if it helps you slip into your party dress by Christmas. This 1kg bag will last you until then.