15 surprising beauty uses for Vaseline

This iconic product should be an essential part of your beauty routine.
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  • Since 1872, this medicine cabinet classic has played an intrinsic role in British family life, from childhood knee grazes to glossy teenage lips and beyond. Let’s face it – there are so many uses for Vaseline who hasn’t turned to it in a beauty emergency? There’s probably a well-used tub of Vaseline’s large 100 gram Petroleum Jelly in permanent residence in your bathroom cabinet, or perhaps you have a pot of Lip Therapy in your make-up bag. Either way, you’d be hard pushed to find many people that don’t own a Vaseline product in some shape or form – it was, after all, named the world’s No.1 hand and body care brand in 2017.

    So why has Vaseline enjoyed such enduring popularity? Firstly, it’s bonkers cheap, at about £2.50 for 250ml, and is one of the most versatile products money can buy. If you’ve got a tub or a tin hanging around, whip it out and make the most of our  round-up of the best and most surprising uses for Vaseline. If you aren’t already a convert, you will be after this.

    Clever uses for Vaseline

    Quash a blister

    New shoes rubbing? A dab of Vaseline will lubricate the area and temporarily halt blister-causing friction (for an hour or so at least, until you can get yourself to Boots for those heavenly Compeed plasters)

    Prolong your perfume

    Want your perfume to last longer? Try dabbing some Vaseline on your wrists and neck before spraying, which prevents the fragrance molecules from evaporating.

    Use as clear mascara

    Brush through your eyelashes with a lash comb for a natural look on ‘no make-up’ days.

    Turn matte lipstick into gloss

    Simply apply some Vaseline over your matte lipstick for a glossy finish, plus extra comfort and staying power (the vaseline will transfer to your glass when drinking, protecting the lipstick pigment).

    Remove stubborn make-up

    Waterproof mascara is notoriously tricky to remove, but if you start by smudging a little Vaseline into your lashes, you’ll find it dissolves quickly and comfortably with no harsh scrubbing. Clean off any excess with your usual cleanser.

    Highlight your skin

    The easiest way to give skin a healthy glow, and make-up artists have been doing it for decades. Dab a tiny amount of Vaseline on the tops of cheekbones, brow bone and Cupid’s bow avoiding your chin, nose and forehead to ensure you look sheeny, not sweaty.

    Prevent manicure mistakes

    Giving yourself a home manicure? Apply Vaseline to the skin around the nails before you paint for perfect results every time. Once the polish is dry, you can wipe away the Vaseline to clean up any rogue polish without smudging your efforts. Incidentally Vaseline is also an excellent cuticle moisturiser, so you get two benefits in one.

    Soothe sunburn

    Caught out in the sun? We’ve all been there. Luckily, Vaseline is a humectant, meaning it prevents loss of moisture from the skin barrier, so apply a thin layer immediately to any patches sunburn to relieve sore skin.

    Conceal a sore nose

    Chapped skin around the nose can be calmed by a little dab of Vaseline, mix in a blob of your regular concealer to conceal redness while healing dry, flaky patches.

    Smooth cracked heels 

    There’s no worse addition to your new sandals than cracked heels. The solution? Burr away rough skin for five minutes (Scholl Velvet Smooth, £39.99 is great for this), rub a generous amount Vaseline into your feet before bed, put on cotton socks, and voila! When you wake up, no more cracks.

    Get skin-baring confidence

    If getting your legs out makes you a little bit nervous, try mixing equal parts Vaseline with your regular face foundation (about 50p blobs of each) to create an instant body perfector with a flattering sheen.

    Avoid hair dye disasters

    If you dye your hair at home, rub Vaseline around your hairline to prevent the dye running and staining your forehead and neck.

    For streak-free tans

    Rub onto the driest bits of your body (elbows, knees and wrists) as these are the areas that the active ingredient in self tan, DHA, typically collects and casues streaks. By creating a barrier you can ensure you’ll get a spray-quality tan.

    Tidy rogue eyebrow hairs

    A strong, neat brow can take years off, and keeping those hairs in line is a must! Smooth a little Vaseline over your arches and brush through with a brow brush to make every hair look glossy and plum plus stay your preferred shape will put without the crispiness of some brow gels. If you’re feeling brave, go that extra mile and tint your eyebrows at home.

    Make a homemade exfoliator

    Why splash out on pricy body scrubs when you can make one using a few kitchen staples? Mix Vaseline with sugar or sea salt and rub into dry skin for 30 seconds per area before stepping into the shower – an instant solution to scaly skin.

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