Do Vitamins Go Off?

by Lynn Cardy on Friday, 5 March 2010

Now we're being told that once you've opened vitamins, they could only be beneficial for a week! But before you aim your expensive vits smartly at the bin, it's worth reading the small print on this new bit of research from the Purdue University in Indiana.

There's a but... and it's a big but. This only applies if we're storing them in a humid environment - maybe a bathroom, where long and steamy showers are taking place or placing them on a shelf that gets damp.

As few of us have a wet room and most of us are sensible enough to follow the storage instructions on our supplements, we don't need to fret too much. There's no doubt that keeping them in overly warm and humid rooms can have a negative impact, so what's the best way to store?

Medical herbalist and managing director of Napiers, Dee Atkinson, has just one storage tip "Keep them in a dark cupboard." says Dee. End of story! Now it's back to taking our supplements - and getting the benefits!

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