Skin cancer signs

- Moles or darkened patches of skin that itch or change size, colour or shape, especially those that increase to more than 6mm.
- New growths or sores that show no sign of healing.
- A mole or growth that bleeds, crusts or scabs.

ABCD-Easy rules

The ABCD-Easy rules show you a few changes that might specifically indicate a melanoma. Asymmetry: If the two halves of the area differ in shape.

Border: If the edges of the area are irregular or blurred.

Colour: If this is uneven, with shades of black, brown and pink.

Diameter: Most melanomas are at least 6mm in diameter.

Expert: If in doubt, check it out with your GP.

Get it checked
If you notice a worrying change to your skin, get it checked for free by your GP, who may refer you on to a dermatologist.

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