Reclaim your waist diet: exercise plan

by Lynn Cardy on Thursday, 11 June 2009

Increase your exercise as part of our reclaim your waist diet plan. It's easy and cheap - no need to sweat it out in the gym or do endless ab crunches

Walk off your waist
To define your waist and boost metabolism you need to exercise. But the good news is, you can do it without a single ab crunch. Exercise ace Joanna Hall has a smarter way. “I call it midriff management,” she says. “And all you need to do is walk. We see losses of two to three inches in just 28 days in our walking groups.”

But it’s walking with Joanna’s “waist-carving” move. Draw your belly button back and down towards your spine, feel your stomach flattening and a waist tightening. Now keep that going as you walk for an amazing mid-line tone-up.

Find your pace
To help you walk at a speed, first establish your optimum pace. Start walking, increase your pace each 30 seconds until you are just about to break into a jog. This is your break point. Ease back by five to ten per cent and you have your optimum pace.

Now try Joanna’s plan five days a week, adding ten minutes to your total each week.

Three week walk plan

Week 1

5 min warm up (slow walk)

5 min optimum pace walk

5 min cool down (slow walk)

Week 2

5 min warm up (slow walk)

7 min optimum pace walk

9 min cool down (slow walk)

Week 3

5 min warm up (slow walk)

9 min optimum pace walk

5 min cool down (slow walk)

Check out Joanna Hall’s fantastic fitness walking weekends at

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