About the raw food diet

It's a fact that the best diets often spring from a desire to sort out a health problem that’s totally personal to its creator and then magically go on to become a regime that helps so many more.

The Delicious Raw Food Diet was created by yoga expert Siri Datta to sort out her own health problem, then grew into a programme that has changed the lives – and the shape – of so many others.

A fashion designer who gave up the business to become a yoga teacher, Siri was diagnosed with Candida about four years ago. “I was told it would take years to resolve my health problem and I was determined to experiment to see whether I could restore myself back to awesome good health with a raw diet that was at that time a bit of a fad in California.”

The day after my diagnosis I began a 100% raw food lifestyle, too see if it was all it was cracked up to be.  Within three weeks I recognised that I was onto something of extreme value. Weight was dropping off me, I needed less sleep, I’d wake up each morning with passion and my skin and eyes seemed to be shining from within. I was changing… there was something fresh about my body, a kind of luminescence about me.

I realised that I was ingesting the energy from these living fruits and vegetables – that my diet was feeding me energy, not depleting it. After six months my sugar cravings had vanished, the urge for coffee and bread didn’t turn me crazy any more, and after eight months my candida had cleared.”
Siri’s light bulb moment inspired her fabulous raw food regime Mini Size Me, a combo of raw food diet and yoga which according to devotees really does change their lives.

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