Pink Ribbonwalk plan

by Lynn Cardy on Monday, 8 February 2010

Have you signed up for one of our Pink Ribbonwalks with Breast Cancer Care? It's a fabulous reason to get fit in 2010 and make a real difference for such an import charity. There's only three months to go now, so we're here to help you prepare.

Try our 30-day walking plan to get you started. 

Day 1 - check your shoes

Day 2 - play catch up

Day 3 - focus on your walking style

Day 4 - loving your black trousers?

Day 5 - find a top that can improve strength

Day 6 - keep the bounce in check

Day 7 - prevent muscle strain

Day 8 - correct your walking mistakes

Day 9 - grab an energy drink

Day 10 - make an energy snack

Day 11 - pamper your feet

Day 12 - choose a waterproof jacket

Day 13 - gather your essential kit

Day 14 - power up with an energy drink

Day 15 - pamper your feet

Day 16 - soothe aching muscles

Day 17 - beat insect bites

Day 18 - are you drinking enough?

Day 19 - have a relaxation day

Day 20 - find socks for fitness walking

Day 21 - revive your feet

Day 22 - soothe your sore bits

Day 23 - relax and prepare

Day 24 - walk in the country

Day 25 - take a bank holiday break

Day 26 - time to eat right

Day 27 - pack your first aid kit

Day 28 - eat right

Day 29 - get set for the walk

Day 30 - walk day

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