Low carb diet

We’ve based this plan on what stars do to get red carpet ready – and it couldn’t be easier. Just follow our simple rules and easy recipe plans and you'll be figure-perfect for your big party.

The magic rules
Eat unlimited fruit and vegetables and absolutely no starchy carbohydrates

Within four days you’ll look noticeable thinner around your middle, love how chiselled your cheekbones are and probably have dropped three to five pounds.

Why does this happen?
Carbs are stored in water in your body. Strip them from your diet and your body uses those stored carbs for fuel. That doesn’t just burn them off, it also releases the fluid around them – fluid that adds extra inches to your middle, hips and thighs.

On top of this, when you take carbs out of your diet, you tend to replace them with protein – and protein is the ultimate fat-stripping food. After eating a protein-based meal your metabolism revs up by 25 per cent. New research reveals that levels of a fat-burning hormone called FGF21 soar, maximising the calories you lose. The two combined lead to rapid weight loss, perfect for fighting pre-party panic.

Be inspired to lose weight now with our by our low carb diet plan.

Diet created by Helen Foster

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