Gifts that keep on giving: Present ideas that produce hours of pleasure

These gifts that keep on giving range from charitable presents to brilliant subscription services–but all of them will spark joy

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Gifts that keep on giving can be enjoyed by the lucky recipient long after the gift wrap has been recycled, be it a subscription service that delivers a new surprise every month or a charitable gift that gives back. 

More than 85% of us feel we go too far with our gifting at Christmas, according to new research by OLIO, the UK’s number one sharing app. So why not give a gift that will delight someone long after December has passed?

Whether you're looking for the perfect gifts for couples who have recently tied the knot, or want 18th birthday gift inspiration that will help keep the party going, these are the gifts that keep on giving that we feel are worth the money. 

The best gifts that keep on giving

1. Mr & Mrs Smith Gift Card

Mr & Mrs Smith Gift Card

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RRP:  From $50/£50 | Delivery: Immediate | Refundable?: Yes, should you cancel a reservation | Region: U.S. and UK

Unquestionably, travel is a gift that gives back—in the form of new experiences, memories, and newfound wisdom. From posh villas to spa retreats, Mr & Mrs Smith spotlights once-in-a-lifetime experiences (over 1,400, to be exact!). Each gift card is made of recycled materials; plus, the company donates a portion of the proceeds from sales to the World Land Trust and the Blue Marine Foundation.

• View Gift Card at Mr & Mrs Smith / at Mr & Mrs Smith UK

2. Airbnb Gift Card

Airbnb Giftcard

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RRP: From $25/£25 | Delivery: Immediate | Refundable? No | Region: U.S. and UK

Convenience truly embodies the essence of the gift that keeps on giving back, especially as it pertains to travel. When the booking is seamless, your trip (and the associated costs) is bound to be, too.

Thankfully, you can explore the globe with an Airbnb gift card. This top-rated online marketplace brims with vacation rentals and tourism activities, featuring nearly 5.6 million places to stay and thousands of experiences. You can send this gift via text or email, and it'll never expire. 

• View Airbnb Gift Card at Airbnb / at Airbnb UK

3. The Spicery Three Month Food Truck Recipe Kit Subscription

The Spicery Three Month Food Truck Recipe Kit Subscription

(Image credit: Not On The High Street)

RRP: $36.86/£26 | Delivery: 3-10 day delivery | Refundable? Can cancel anytime | Region: U.S. and UK

If you're on the hunt for gifts for foodies, look no further. Inspired by food trucks across the globe, this three-month subscription unveils freely mixed spices, all measured into individual portions. Each box arrives on the 27th of every month, with the very first including a redeemable voucher for future boxes.

• View The Spicery Three Month Food Truck Recipe Kit Subscription at Not On The High Street / at Not On The High Street UK

4. Virgin Experience Days Gift Voucher 

Virgin Experience Days Couples Collection - More than 90 Experiences in Over 200 Locations

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RRP: From $50/£25 / | Delivery: 3-5 day delivery | Refundable? 30-day return policy | Region: U.S. and UK

Virgin Experience Days offers hundreds of activities, from aviation adventures and weekend getaways to ultra-luxe spa treatments. With a variety of options at various budgets, you can choose the experience based on your recipient's interests. Plus, with cookery days and craft courses on offer, your recipient will be able to enjoy the present after the experience day too—talk about gifts that keep on giving. 

• View Gift Voucher at Virgin Experience Days / at Virgin Experience Days UK

5. Birchbox Subscription 

Birchbox Beauty Subscription

(Image credit: Birchbox)

RRP: From $15/£13.95 monthly | Delivery: 5-8 day shipping | Refundable?: Can cancel anytime | Region: U.S. and UK 

Thanks to Birchbox, you can gift them an all-new beauty regimen every month, sans the guesswork. Each month, this service delivers top-rated skincare and haircare products from leading brands. Who knows, your lucky recipient might just discover their new favorite red lipstick or the latest Korean skincare secret. 

• View Beauty Subscription Plan at Birchbox / at Birchbox UK

6. AspenClean Whole House Cleaning Kit

AspenClean Whole House Cleaning Kit

(Image credit: Aspen Clean)

RRP: $98 | Delivery: 2-5 day shipping | Refundable? 30-day return policy | Region: U.S.

A sparkling home is a happy one—so, why not make that a reality for your giftee? This robust bundle brims with all of the cleaning essentials, from all-purpose cleaner to microfiber cloths and more. Plus, all products are green, natural, and eco-friendly, making this a great sustainable gift that gives back to the environment, too. 

View Whole House Cleaning Kit at AspenClean

7. Clothing Rental Subscription 

Clothing Rental Subscription

(Image credit: Rent The Runway)

RRP: From $99 bi-monthly / £7 per piece | Delivery: 2-5 day shipping | Refundable?: Can cancel anytime | Region: U.S. and UK 

Score luxury pieces without the financial commitment, courtesy of Rent the Runway and Hirestreet. Rent the Runway is a U.S.-based clothing rental service with prominent designers like Ulla Johnson, Veronica Beard, and plenty more on offer. Hailing from the UK, Hirestreet similarly houses top brands like Rixo. Shoppers can search outfits by occasion and receive an all-new wardrobe in days. That's what to wear to a wedding in the summer, sorted. 

View Memberships at Rent The Runway Subscription / at Hirestreet UK

8. Cheese Subscription Service

Cheese Subscription Service

(Image credit: Murrays Cheese)

RRP: From $63/£30 per month | Delivery: Depends on region | Refundable?: Can cancel anytime | Region: U.S. and UK

For newbies and certified turophiles, a cheese subscription membership will be well received, brimming with an array of gourmet options every month. In the U.S., Murray's Cheese offers high-quality selections from international and domestic producers with each box. Similarly, The Cheese Collective presents award-winning British cheeses, ranging from sharp cheddars to mouthwatering Bries.

View Classic Cheese of the Month Club at Murray's Cheese / The Usual Membership Plan at The Cheese Collective UK

9. Bearaby x S’well Bundle

Bearaby x S’well Bundle

(Image credit: Bearaby)

RRP: $299 | Delivery: 5-8 day shipping | Refundable?: Can cancel anytime | Region: U.S. 

Bearaby and S'well joined forces to create a limited-edition bundle, which features a weighted blanket, a reusable S'well bottle, and a water bottle sling.

More notably, a portion of the proceeds is donated to Lonely Whale, a mission-driven organization that works to remove plastic pollution from the ocean. All in all, an unconventional pairing for a great cause.

View Bearaby x S’well Bundle at Bearaby

10. Masterclass

Masterclass Yearly Membership

(Image credit: Masterclass)

RRP: $180/£170 annually | Delivery: Immediate | Refundable? Can cancel anytime | Region: U.S. and UK

Whether they want to hone their writing skills or dabble in ukulele lessons, Masterclass is a treasure trove of knowledge, offering unlimited access to 100+ instructions. Members can view lessons and download instructor guides whenever, wherever. What's more, new classes are added every month.

View Yearly Membership at Masterclass / at Masterclass UK

11. Briogeo Apple Honey Hydration Hair Repair Kit

Briogeo Apple Honey Hydration Hair Repair Kit

(Image credit: Briogeo)

RRP: $38/£37 annually | Delivery: 2-14 day shipping | Refundable? 30-day return policy | Region: U.S. and UK

As temperatures drop, winter hair returns with a vengeance, aka parched, straw-like strands. Nourish their mane with Briogeo's Apple Honey Hydration Hair Repair Kit, featuring cult-faves to use all year round. This bundle features the brand's best-selling Don't Despair, Repair! mask, now infused with humectant-rich apple honey. It also houses mini versions of the Don’t Despair, Repair! Super Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner.

• View Apple Honey Hydration Hair Repair Kit at Briogeo / at Briogeo UK

12. Womaness The Gift of Hydration

Womaness The Gift of Hydration

(Image credit: Womaness)

RRP: $79 | Delivery: 3-5 day shipping | Refundable? 30-day return policy | Region: U.S. 

Menopause is tough, even as more menopause support groups emerge. During this transitional period, your body produces less collagen due to hormonal changes. Inevitably, these changes may cause skin dehydration and sagging, particularly around the jawline and cheeks.

That's where The Gift Of Hydration Kit by Womaness comes in, featuring three solutions with naturally-derived ingredients. Together, this trio hydrates and nourishes the body from head to toe, all while eliminating fine lines and wrinkles.

View The Gift of Hydration at Womaness

13. Google Nest Learning Thermostat

Google Nest Learning Thermostat

(Image credit: Google)

RRP: $249/£271 | Delivery: 5-8 day shipping | Refundable? 30-day return policy | Region: U.S. and UK

Unarguably, the opportunity to save money is a gift that keeps on giving. Cue: The Google Nest Learning Thermostat, which can decrease your monthly electricity bill. This gadget memorizes your favorite temperature settings and self-adjusts throughout the day. When you're not in the room, it turns off your heating and air conditioning to conserve electricity and fuel.

• View Google Nest Learning Thermostat at Amazon / at Amazon UK

14. Conscious Step Socks That Save Dogs

Conscious Step Socks That Save Dogs

(Image credit: Conscious Step)

RRP: $39.95/£14.95 | Delivery: 3-10 day delivery | Refundable? 30-day return policy | Region: U.S. and UK

Looking for an epic small gift that gives back? Say hello to these feet-warming socks, made with extra arch support and padding. Available in three colors, this pack is made of fairtrade organic cotton and comes with a cute paw print embroidery. Each pair supports Best Friends Animal Society, an animal welfare organization committed to saving our furry friends in shelters. One of the best gifts for dog lovers, hands-down.

View Socks That Save Dogs at Conscious Step / at London Works UK

15. Kindness Necklace

Kindness Necklace

(Image credit:

RRP: $38/£34.50 | Delivery: 5-10 day delivery | Refundable? Can cancel anytime | Region: U.S. and UK

Made of 24k gold-plated brass, this necklace promotes an inspiring ethos in a standout font. Not to mention, a portion of these proceeds will be donated to nonprofit Girls Inc., dedicated to helping women navigate through economic, gender, and social barriers. Ultimately, this gift pays it forward and provides value as a versatile styling piece, Christmas and beyond.

View Kindness Necklace at / at UK

16. Murad More Acts of Kindness, Please Sweat Set

Murad More Acts of Kindness, Please Sweat Set

(Image credit: Murad)

RRP: $120 | Delivery: 5-8  day shipping | Refundable? 30-day return policy | Region: U.S. 

Loungewear is be enjoyed well after Christmastide. Sets, in particular, can be worn as pajamas and paired with blazers and chunky sneakers in the name of casual cool. 

Luckily, the home of best eye cream now offers the plushest loungewear set, just in time for the gifting season. Together, Murad and lifestyle brand, The Mayfair Group created this limited-edition set, which can be purchased individually or as a pair. All proceeds will be donated to No Kid Hungry. No Kind Hungry is a U.S.-first nonprofit dedicated to ending child hunger. Available in sizes S/M, M/L, L/XL, and XXL.

View More Acts of Kindness, Please Sweat Set at Murad

17. Classics Revisited: Chocolate And Book Subscription

Classics Revisited: Chocolate And Book Subscription

(Image credit: Not On The High Street)

RRP: $31.19/£22 | Delivery: 7-14 day shipping | Refundable? Can cancel anytime | Region: U.S./UK

Indulge in artisan chocolate and a classic read every month with this subscription plan. Choose among three monthly plans (one, three, or six months), and your first welcome pack will feature a contemporary book, chocolate delight, and a sign-up card with details on registration. Each book hails from timeless, iconic names including Jane Austen (and more, obviously). 

View Classics Revisited: Chocolate And Book Subscription at Not On The High Street / at Not On The High Street UK

18. The Smart Garden 9

The Smart Garden 9

(Image credit: Click & Grow)

RRP: $230/£199 | Delivery: 3-8 day delivery | Refundable? Can cancel anytime | Region: U.S. and UK

Plantspeople, rejoice! The self-growing Smart Garden 9 is engineered to maintain the ideal climate for growing fresh herbs all year round. To get started, this low-maintenance garden includes a complimentary set of pre-seeded plant capsules (3x tomato, 3x basil, and 3x lettuce). Available in three colors.

View The Smart Garden at Click & Grow / at The Conran Shop

19. Shiatsu Foot Massager

Shiatsu Foot Massager

(Image credit: Amazon)

RRP: $100/£59.99 | Delivery: 5-8 day shipping | Refundable? 30-day return policy | Region: U.S./UK

Soothe their long-term muscle pain from home, courtesy of a high-grade foot massager. 

In the U.S., the best-selling Shiatsu Foot Massager relieves tension through various techniques, like pulsing, kneading, and rolling. The massager comes with an intuitive remote, which enables users to control the power, speed, and massage directions; and adjust mode settings from automatic, custom, and manual. It specifically targets the toe, arch, and sole of feet.

Across the pond, the heated Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager is ideal for those who suffer from plantar fasciitis or chronic pain. For immediate relief, it leverages six massage heads and deep kneading nodes.

View Shiatsu Foot Massager at Amazon / Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager at Amazon UK

20. Call For Justice Charity Candle

Call For Justice Charity Candle

(Image credit: Affirmation Culture)

RRP: £30/approx. $40 | Delivery: 5-8 day shipping | Refundable? 14-day return policy | Region: U.S./UK

Affirmation Culture crafts some of the best scented candles with a deeper social mission. The brand first gained traction with its Call For Calm candle supporting the Mental Health Foundation. Now, you can buy Call For Justice, made of natural oils and a natural coconut wax blend. This candle was created in response to the death of George Floyd, and a portion of the proceeds will go to supporting Black Lives Matter.

View Call For Justice Charity Candle at Affirmation Culture Shop / at Affirmation Culture Shop UK

21. A Pro-Grade Bread Maker

Cuisinart 2-Lb. Bread Maker

(Image credit: Cuisinart)

RRP: $130/£97 | Delivery: Depends on region | Refundable? 30-day return policy | Region: U.S./UK

As the pandemic proved, breaking-making provides hours of entertainment with a delicious, homemade result. 

In the United States, the Cuisinart 2-Lb. Bread Maker leverages intuitive features that simplify kneading, rising, and, of course, baking bread. With this compact gadget, you can choose from a variety of loaf sizes and crust shades. Plus, it includes 12 preprogrammed menu options and automatic recipes, which include artisan delights, gluten-free options, jams, and compotes.

In the UK, there's the top-rated Morphy Richards Bread Maker, a portable device that crafts cakes, jam, and dough, Choose between two loaf sizes and three crust settings, along with a host of recipes (gluten-free included). You can even bake a loaf in under 50 minutes, thanks to the "Fastbake" setting.

View Cuisinart 2-Lb. Bread Maker at Williams Sonoma / Morphy Richards Bread Maker at Amazon UK

22. M&S GoodMove Feather & Down Lightweight Puffer Coat

M&S Good Move feather and down lightweight puffer coat

(Image credit: Marks & Spencer)

RRP: £149 | Delivery: 2-4 working days | Refundable? 34-day return policy | Region: UK


Gift them something that will be useful to them over and over again with this winning coat. Made from recycled feather and down, it will give you the same luxurious warmth of your favorite duvet without weighing you down. It uses the brand's Stormwear™ technology for a water-repellent coating and features storm cuffs and thumbholes to keep them safe and cosy in the rain.

• View M&S GoodMove Feather & Down Lightweight Puffer Coat at Marks & Spencer

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