The cheapest prosecco and champagne deals in supermarkets ahead of the Platinum Jubilee

Stock up on the cheapest prosecco and champagne in the supermarkets without compromising on quality

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Hunting out the cheapest prosecco and champagne deals allows for big savings on bubbles, especially if you're planning on entertaining guests and buying in bulk. A delicious bottle of fizz can make any occasion that little bit more special, whether you serve yours with canapés when guests arrive or it's saved for a special toast after dinner. 

Whether your bubbly of choice is crisp champagne, extra-dry prosecco, or fruit-filled sparkling rosé, opting for one of these cheapest prosecco and champagne deals means you don't have to compromise on quality, with some of the best champagne and most popular prosecco brands offering special discounts at selected supermarkets. 

Not only are these bottles of bubbly a way to make the upcoming Platinum Jubilee bank holiday weekend even more special, but a bottle of champagne is a fail-proof wedding anniversary present, while a bottle of prosecco teamed with some luxury chocolates makes for a great gift for couples celebrating an engagement or new home.

We've scoured the top UK supermarkets to find the cheapest prosecco and champagne deals on offer. Stock up now and it's one less thing to think about over the bank holiday weekend while you're getting your Jubilee decorations up!

Cheapest prosecco and champagne deals 

These are the cheapest prosecco and champagne options in UK supermarkets right now, plus the standout deal on bubbles from each retailer that's not to be missed. 

Best Aldi champagne and prosecco deals

Aldi supermarket logo with decoration around it

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Costellore Prosecco Frizzante | £4.99

Aldi's signature prosecco is a bestseller for a reason. As well as its outstanding value, this classic prosecco boasts a clean dry flavor, full of peach, pear and citrus notes. If you're looking for a dryer option, check out the Costellore Extra Dry prosecco (opens in new tab), priced at £5.99.  

View Costellore Prosecco Frizzante at Aldi (opens in new tab)


Veuve Monsigny Champagne Brut 75cl | £13.99

This traditional champagne is a failsafe crowd pleaser when you want to serve something special, but without a hefty price tag. With notes of brioche and undercurrents of fruity notes, this champagne is well-balanced, easy to drink, and tastes like it costs triple the price.

View Veuve Monsigny Champagne Brut at Aldi (opens in new tab)


Castellore Organic Prosecco | £7.49

Aldi's premier organic fizz is not only delicious but kinder to the environment, too. The vineyard this mild and fruity bubbly is sourced from, a 150-hectare estate, 30km northeast of Venice, uses no pesticides or herbicides and is committed to using sustainable energy wherever possible. Expect clean and crisp apple notes and aromas of acacia flowers and honeycomb for a sweeter finish. If you prefer a pink prosecco with fresh berry flavors, try Aldi's Organic Prosecco Rosé (opens in new tab) for £8.49.

View Castellor Organic Prosecco at Aldi (opens in new tab)

Best Asda champagne and prosecco deals

Asda supermarket logo with decoration around it

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Prosecco Spumante Extra Dry | £5.99

One of the most affordable bottles of bubbly on our list, Asda's most popular prosecco is a Decanter 2019 Bronze winner and IWC 2021 Commended Medal Winner. It's described as having zesty lemon, pear, and apple fruit flavors, with a touch of sweetness balanced by crisp acidity. Also worth mentioning is Asda's own-brand Extra Special Organic Prosecco (opens in new tab), currently reduced from £8.00 down to £7.00. This one's an easy drinker, with aromas of wildflowers and peaches.

View Prosecco Spumante Extra Dry prosecco at Asda (opens in new tab)


Louvel Fontaine Champagne Brut | £̶1̶8̶  £10 (save £8)

This champagne is a blend of 72% Pinot Noir, 20% Chardonnay and 10% Pinot Meunier, making for a well-balanced and fruity wine. This is a great contender for one of the best wedding gifts (opens in new tab) that won't break the bank but is still something special for them to enjoy together. It usually retails for £18, so act fast.

View Louvel Fountaine Champagne Brut at Asda (opens in new tab)


Bollinger Champagne | £50 £43 (save £7)

One of the highest-rated champagnes on the Asda website, this delicate champagne originating from northern France is known for its Pinot Noir-dominant cuvée and offers a tantalizing mix of pear, brioche, and spicy aromas, with notes of fresh walnut.

View at Asda (opens in new tab)

Best Lidl champagne and prosecco deals

Lidl supermarket logo with decoration around it

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Allini Prosecco Spumante 75cl | £5.29

Packed with fresh fruit flavors, Lidl's signature prosecco is a steal at just £5.29. Pear aromas and plenty of bubbles make for a satisfying fizz that will pair beautifully with a variety of dishes. For those looking for something a little sweeter, it's also worth noting Lidl's pink fizz offering, the very affordable Rosé Prosecco D.O.C Extra Dry (opens in new tab), which will set you back £6.49.

View Allini Prosecco Spumante at Lidl (opens in new tab)


Comte de Senneval Champagne Brut 75cl | £13.99

Even wine experts Decanter approve of this budget bubbly, praising its 'autolytic notes of biscuit and toast,' and fresh, citrus flavors. This very reasonable champagne is well-rounded and dry on the palate for a lovely glass of bubbles. The perfect accompaniment to nibbles and appetizers, or as a special welcome drink for guests. 

View Comte de Senneval Champagne at Lidl (opens in new tab)


Prosecco Spumante Conegliano | £7.49

This award-winning bottle was made from a 2017 Veneto grape harvest and offers a crisp and classic prosecco taste if you want to invest in something a little bit more special. At just £7.49, it's great value for money for a Silver winner in The Drinks Masters' The Prosecco Masters taste-test awards. 

View Prosecco Spumante Conegliano at Lidl (opens in new tab)

Best Morrisons champagne and prosecco deals

Morrisons supermarket logo with decoration around it

(Image credit: Future/Morrisons)


Sorso Prosecco Spumante | £7.50 £4.99 (save £2.51)

For those who like their prosecco full of fruit flavors, this citrusy and aromatic prosecco comes with an impressive amount of positive reviews. Already good value at £7.50, a further discount brings this highly commended prosecco to under a fiver. Expect bold fruits, with hints of wisteria flowers and Rennet apples and a delicate almond finish. 

View Sorso Prosecco at Morrisons (opens in new tab)


Jules Mignon Brut Reserve Champagne 75cl | £15

This classic champagne hails from Reims and boasts a robust flavor. A blend of three different grape varieties, Chardonnay for a deep creaminess, Pinot Noir for a punchy aroma, and Pinot Meunier for a hit of fruitiness, this bottle will go down well on any occasion. Another affordable option is Morrisons The Best Etienne Leclair Brut Champagne (opens in new tab), priced at £20. This one is floral and lemony with a hint of buttered toast - a definite crowd-pleaser! Buy three and take 25% off. 

View Jules Mignon Brut Reserve Champagne at Morrisons (opens in new tab)


Lanson Black Label Brut NV | £35 £28 (save £7)

A satisfying and reliably good fizz, with hints of spring flowers with a touch of toast and honey. Champagne Lanson is the third oldest house in Champagne, with a history that dates back to 1760. This popular brand remains a failsafe choice for bubbles year after year, particularly when there are offers as good as this one.

View Lanson Black Label Brut at Morrisons (opens in new tab)

Best Ocado champagne and prosecco deals

Ocado supermarket logo with decoration around it

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M&S La Vita Prosecco 75cl | £7

With aromas of green apple, white blossom, and citrus, this off-dry prosecco has a pleasing light fizz finish and will make for a lovely accompaniment to canapés. A bottle of bubbly is always a failsafe 30th birthday gift (opens in new tab) too, and we love the stylish packaging of M&S's La Vita Prosecco. 

View M&S La Vita Prosecco at Ocado (opens in new tab)


M&S Louis Vertay Champagne Brut 75cl | £18.00

This elegant champagne uses Pinot Meunier, Chardonnay, and Pinot Noir grapes for a classic champagne taste that is full of red apple and brioche aromas. Ocado customers praised the subtle flavors of this champagne, in particular, its fresh fruits and brioche notes. 

View M&S Louis Vertay Champagne Brut at Ocado (opens in new tab)


Charles Lafitte Champagne Grande Cuvee Brut NV | £40 £20 (save £20)

Save a huge £20 on this award-winning champagne that boasts notes of green apples and red fruit for a fresh, but rich and well-balanced, finish. The stylish packaging makes it a wonderful 18th birthday gift (opens in new tab). Another great steal is the IWSC award-winning G.H. Mumm Cordon Rouge Champagne NV, (opens in new tab) currently reduced from £38 to £20. 

View Charles Lafitte Champagne Grande Cuvee at Ocado (opens in new tab)

Best Sainsbury's champagne and prosecco deals

Sainsbury's supermarket logo with decoration around it

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Castello Del Poggio Prosecco DOC | £5

The classic Italian sparkling wine is fresh and fruity with golden apple and peach notes. It's fresh in, so stock up now while it sits happily under the £5 mark.  

View at Castello Del Poggio Prosecco at Sainsbury's (opens in new tab)


Etienne Dumont Brut Champagne Non Vintage 75cl | £16

This gorgeous champagne has honey flavors alongside fruity aromas of peach and apricot. The expensive-looking bottle also means it will undoubtedly make a stylish 40th birthday gift (opens in new tab) or 50th birthday gift (opens in new tab) for those with discerning tastes. 

View Etienne Dumont Brut Champagne NV at Sainsbury's (opens in new tab)


Laurent Perrier Vintage Brut  | £54 £40 (save £14)

We'll admit this isn't the cheapest champagne, but it's an excellent deal for an iconic Vintage, making it worthy of the 'best deal' spot. This zesty 2008 is elegantly dry with orange and lemon undertones and really is a special bubbly. It will taste excellent now, but if you want to hold it in reserve for now, the flavor will only improve, making it one of the best thank you gifts (opens in new tab) or a generous 60th birthday gift (opens in new tab).

View Laurent Perrier Vintage Brut at Sainsbury's (opens in new tab)

Best Tesco champagne and prosecco deals

Tesco supermarket logo with decoration around it

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Bella Cucina Prosecco Frizzante | £4.99

This semi-sparkling prosecco is perfect for laid-back afternoons in the garden, with a light and fruity flavor. For under a fiver, this crowd-pleasing prosecco tastes like fresh green apples, pears, and grapefruit, with delicate floral notes. 

View Bella Cucina Prosecco at Tesco (opens in new tab)


Louis Delaunay Champagne Brut Non Vintage 75cl | £15

This popular champagne is the perfect accompaniment to fish and seafood thanks to its fresh, bold flavors. A citrusy champagne with lemon and white peach notes, this delightful fizz is made with 50% Pinot Noir, 35% Meunier, and 15% Chardonnay grapes. This is also a fantastic one to stock up on now for future garden parties (opens in new tab), as you save 25% when you buy 6 bottles. 

View Louis Delaunay Champagne Brut at Tesco (opens in new tab)


Heidseick Dry Monopole NV Champagne  75cl | £28 £20 (save 25% when buying at least six bottles of wine or sparkling wine with a Tesco Clubcard)

We'll level with you here: Tesco doesn't currently offer the best individual offers on champagne, with money-saving opportunities really coming in the form of saving 25% when you buy six bottles or more. Still, this champagne from Heidseick is a robust choice for easy-drinking champagne that feels special without breaking the budget. Established in 1785, Heidsieck & Co. Monopole is one of Champagne's oldest and most respected Champagne houses, so they know their stuff - and it shows, with this fruity Pinot Noir dominated blend.

View Heidseick Dry Monopole NV Champagne at Tesco (opens in new tab)

Best Waitrose champagne and prosecco deals

Waitrose supermarket logo with decoration around it

(Image credit: Future/Waitrose)


Waitrose NV Glera Italian Prosecco 75cl | £6.99

With a good balance of fresh and fruity thanks to its aromas of wisteria flowers, russet apples, orange blossom, and sweet almonds, this is great on its own or used to make sparkling cocktails. 

View Waitrose NV Glera Italian Prosecco at Waitrose (opens in new tab)


Waitrose Brut Champagne | £20.99

This refreshing medium-bodied dry champagne is a fantastic budget choice that still looks and tastes luxurious. Made from 90% Pinot Noir and 10% Chardonnay, this wine is light and crisp but packs in some zest.

View Waitrose Brut Champagne at Waitrose (opens in new tab)


Laurent-Perrier Brut NV Magnum 150cl | £86 £70 (save £16)

Just about the only full-size champagne deal on offer at Waitrose at the moment, this Laurent-Perrier magnum is a great choice if you're looking for an extra extravagant housewarming gift (opens in new tab), or if you're throwing a big knees-up for a special event. Clean, fresh, reliable and very impressive, this magnum is truly unique and classy. 

View Laurent-Perrier Brut Magnum at Waitrose (opens in new tab)

What makes a good prosecco?

When it comes to finding the best processo, a higher price point doesn't always mean better quality. This is what to look out for when shopping for prosecco:

  • Be wary of added sugar—"Proseccos that are fresh and less sweet (with a lower dosage) tend to be better—a high sugar content is often disguising a lower quality wine," Harry Ballman, co-founder of bottle shop and wine subscription service, Cépage (opens in new tab), and sommelier at London’s prestigious Wiltons in St James, tells us.
  • Look for the DOC or DOCG stamp—"These relate to the quality of a bottle of Prosecco as approved in Italy," Rob Weatherhead, co-owner of Affordable Wines (opens in new tab), tells us. "DOC loosely translates to the designation of controlled origin. And means it is of a quality currently applied to circa 300 wines from Italy. DOCG is the next level up again and currently, there are around 80 wines that have passed the quality certification to warrant this stamp."
  • The Glera grape—"Prosecco is made from the Glera grape, but not always 100%. Check the grape makeup of your chosen wine, if possible," Weatherhead continues.

What makes a good champagne?

We've all heard of the big champagne brands, but are they really the best? The experts explain what makes good champagne and their pointers for selecting the best-quality fizz.

  • Check the vintage—"Whilst a lot of what goes on a bottle itself is purely visual and for shelf stand out, if a bottle of champagne makes a big deal about its vintage it is usually because it is worth shouting about," Weatherhead explains.
  • Check the sugar dosage—"Brut champagnes that have a higher dosage (6-12 g/l) tend to be rich and have a creamy texture, whereas Extra Brut (3-6 g/l) or Brut Nature (3g/l or less) are fresh and zingy," Ballman explains. 
  • Look for award winners—"There are lots of awards in the wine industry which doesn't help define the good from the bad.  But if you find champagne that has been winning Gold medals at awards, it is a good measure of its quality," Weatherhead tells us.

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