Princess Margaret's bangs were so ahead of the time - and we're obsessed with the layered look

Princess Margaret was way ahead of beauty trends back in the day...

Princess Margaret
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In the 1960s Princess Margaret had a bangs hairstyle that would now be considered enviable. 

Let's face it - all of the royal women have enviable hair. Between Kate Middleton's long, sweeping hair to Princess Diana's iconic bob in the '90s, there have certainly been a handful of stylish Royal hairdos over the last few decades. 

One woman, though, whose hair was way ahead of its time was Princess Margaret, who perfectly rocked a bob with bangs hairstyle in the 1960s, and was made out to be something of a fashion icon

Nowadays, women from all over are flocking to their salons to ask for bob haircuts - and seeing as there are so many nuanced bob styles to choose from, it can be a bit of a tough call about which one suits you best. You could choose the shaggy bob, a trendy and edgy take on the classic 'do, or you could go for a classic French bob, which features bangs with sleek, shiny locks. 

princess margaret

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Princess Margaret's style sits somewhere in between a few classic bob styles, and we're particularly digging the textured, layered look she had. With some subtle micro-bangs and perfectly styled, face-framing layers, Princess Margaret's bob hairstyle is one worthy of bringing to our salon for inspiration. 

Look at any picture of Princess Margaret, though, and you'll find that her hair is always perfectly coiffed. Between more glamorous appearances at opera houses and galas, and more casual, every day appearances, her hair was always styled to perfection. 

According to a 1970s article that was recently unearthed from the New York Times, this makes sense, seeing as Princess Margaret apparently lived quite a lavish lifestyle

"Her style of life bears a striking resemblance to numerous wealthy matrons. She uses a chauffeur driven limousine and often visits the Marks and Spencer store on Oxford Street or Harrods," the New York Times article reads, adding, "She pays in either cash or uses checks from Coutts Banks, which she simply signs 'Margaret'." 

Princess Margaret and Antony Armstrong-Jones stand February 27, 1960 in the grounds of Royal Lodge on the day they announced their engagement. Buckingham Palace announced that Princess Margaret died peacefully in her sleep at 1:30AM EST at the King Edward VII Hospital February 9, 2002 in London.

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The article also revealed which salon she would frequent, giving more insight into how she got her hair so perfect. 

"On Fridays, she visits the beauty salon of Rene, a Mayfair hairdresser, and often leaves for the country shortly afterward for the family's cottage in Sussex," the passage reads. Must be nice!

She also talked in the past about how the press always made her out to be more "wicked" and rebellious than her sister Queen Elizabeth

"When my sister and I were growing up, she was made out to be the goody goody one. That was boring, so the press tried to make out I was wicked as hell," she once told Andrew Duncan. 

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