Princess Margaret snubbed fashion icon in an awkward incident she's never forgotten

Princess Margaret snubbed one of world's most renowned supermodels in excruciatingly awkward moment that showcases her infamous acid tongue

 Princess Margaret (1930 - 2002) at the Royal Festival Hall after a Frank Sinatra concert in aid of the NSPCC, she is looking up at her husband Lord Snowdon.
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Princess Margaret snubbed fashion icon Twiggy during a very awkward dinner in which the Princess made it abundantly clear that she wasn't impressed by the super model. 

Princess Margaret visiting Mons Officers Cadets School at Aldershot on 11th April 1968.

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We're all familiar with accounts of the late Queen Elizabeth II's brilliant sense of humor and it appears that being a bit of a laugh might well be a genetic thing, as Princess Margaret is also remembered for her one-liners. According to many accounts, including the following story from Twiggy, Princess Margaret's one-liners were funny in more of a mean way.

As it was only six months after Twiggy had shot to supermodel fame back in 1966, the fresh faced fashionista was somewhat green around the gills. Thrown in at the deep end the Neasden native attended an uber exclusive, chic dinner organized by fashion bible Vogue. Aged only 17 at the time, Twiggy found herself in the hot seat next to the Princess and was briefed about strict royal protocol. What more would you expect of a Princess renowned for being, well, a total princess?

British Model Twiggy, (Lesley Hornby) wearing a pale pink mini dress and large 'bauble' earrings, 3rd December 1966.

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Accounts of Princess Margaret's extravagant lifestyle have long since been reported, with the royal living the kind of existence one might expect of a royal. If Princess Margaret's extravagant morning routine isn't enough to leave you gob smacked, you may need to be picked up off the floor after you hear about the utterly fabulous way that Princess Margaret paid for things.

What's maybe not so fabulous, is how she spoke to some people. Twiggy, who'd been instructed not to speak unless spoken to, spent two hours sitting beside Princess Margaret in silence. Finally, the late royal addressed her.

Per the Daily Express, Twiggy recalls, "Prince Margaret asked, 'What's your name?' I said, 'My name's Lesley Hornby, Ma'am, but everyone calls me Twiggy.'"

"She just looked at me and said (that accent again) 'Oh, how unfortunate'. Then she didn't talk to me again. I was mortified."

British talk show host Russell Harty (1934 - 1988) (right), introduces Princess Margaret (1930 - 2002) to some British entertainment stars including (left to right) singer Marc Bolan of T-Rex (1947 - 1977), model and actress Twiggy, and sweating performer Gary Glitter, at a charity concert in Drury Lane, London, December 20, 1976.

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Despite the awkward incident, the model remained a fan of the royals and was even awarded a Damehood back in 2019. Receiving the great honor from the then Prince of Wales, Charles, she described the special moment at Buckingham Palace that proved that she needed no introduction to the Prince.

Twiggy said of the moment, "he told me, 'It's about time too.' I had met him a few times by that stage," she added. "He's always so charming." 

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