Princess Margaret's extravagant lifestyle is the stuff of dreams with six-week honeymoon and motorcycle escort

Princess Margaret certainly knew how to travel the world in style and you won't believe how much these fabulous trips cost...

Princess Margaret's extravagant lifestyle revealed; here she visits the Horder Medical Centre
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Princess Margaret’s extravagant lifestyle is what many people’s wildest dreams are made of as she enjoyed a six-week honeymoon and motorcycle escort.  

The late Queen Elizabeth’s sister is known to have enjoyed a luxurious life and Princess Margaret even had a fabulously lavish way for paying for Harrods shopping trips and beauty appointments. Princess Margaret’s decadent morning routine alone is the stuff of dreams and her extravagant lifestyle also apparently included some very spectacular trips, both in the UK and abroad. 

It’s been suggested that the Countess of Snowdon as she was also known after her marriage in 1960, had a penchant for luxe modes of transport. And this included use of the Queen’s Royal Yacht Britannia for her six-week-long honeymoon!  

Princess Margaret arrives in the UK by helicopter

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Back in 1970, The New York Times reported that Princess Margaret sometimes would request to be escorted by motorcycle - or even a helicopter - for a relatively quick journey. They claimed that she insisted once on being escorted back to her home at Kensington Palace from Waterloo Station and even previously ordered a helicopter to fly her from London to Elstree in Hertfordshire which is only 13 miles away.

But it wasn’t just the senior royal’s modes of transport that were gloriously extravagant as Princess Margaret’s extravagant lifestyle was carried through to her trips abroad. This included her wonderfully glamorous honeymoon after her 1960 marriage to Antony Armstrong-Jones, the Earl of Snowdon, lasted six weeks. 

Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon and her husband Antony Armstrong-Jones wave from the deck on the Royal Yacht Britannia

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And it was the British monarchy’s royal yacht that took her on her travels around the Caribbean. She and Lord Snowdon visited Antigua, Trinidad and Mustique on the Royal Yacht Britannia - the same vessel that the Queen used throughout her reign, including for her Commonwealth Tour with Prince Philip in 1953-4.

According to British Vogue this trip to paradise for Princess Margaret cost a staggering £90,000 back in 1960. Whilst it’s been suggested by The Independent back in 1996 that the Queen’s sister took plenty of expensive clothing options for not only her, but her “entourage” to wear when she visited the United States the previous summer. So much so that the total value of the royal’s wardrobe selection was said to be around £7,200!

Princess Margaret and her new husband Antony Armstrong-Jones leave Westminster Abbey

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Whilst some might dream of Princess Margaret’s extravagant lifestyle and others might raise their eyebrows at this level of opulence, she was known throughout her life as a glamorous and party-loving royal and often compared to her older sister the Queen. And although Queen Elizabeth’s tiaras handed down throughout the generations are magnificent, Princess Margaret even went her own way on her wedding day. 

With the attention of the world upon her, she chose to wear one of her own tiaras when she tied the knot with Antony Armstrong-Jones. Princess Margaret had apparently bought the Poltimore Tiara herself at auction and then went on to wear it numerous times. 

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