Princess Margaret had a fabulously lavish way of paying for Harrods trips and beauty salon appointments

Princess Margaret paid for things in the most Princess Margaret way

Princess Margaret lavish way of paying
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Princess Margaret's way of paying for the likes of her hair appointments and shopping trips to Oxford Street and Harrods was fabulously lavish. 

  • An unearthed news article all about the lifestyle lead by the Queen's sister, Princess Margaret, reveals the luxe way she paid for her shopping trips and salon appointments. 
  • Princess Margaret, who was appointed the Countess of Snowdon during her marriage to Anthony Armstrong-Jones, is said to have been partial to being driven in her limousine to shop at Harrods and Marks and Spencer, signing her checks with just one word. 
  • In other royal news, the sweet detail behind King Charles' Christmas trees has been seen in a rare tour of his royal homes.

A New York Times article from 1970 detailing the life of Queen Elizabeth II's sister, Princess Margaret, has been unearthed, revealing fabulous details of how she lived. 

In the decades-old piece, titled 'Princess Margaret, at 40, Mixes Public Tasks With Private Joys', Princess Margaret's penchant for heading out in her limousine for London shopping trips, beauty salon appointments and weekend getaways to the Sussex countryside are detailed. 

And when it came to paying for her lifestyle, checks from private bank, Coutts, signed with just one word were Margaret's go-to. 

Princess Margaret lavish way of paying

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"Her style of life bears a striking resemblance to numerous wealthy matrons. She uses a chauffeur driven limousine and often visits the Marks and Spencer store on Oxford Street or Harrods," the New York Times passage reads, adding, "She pays in either cash or uses checks from Coutts Banks, which she simply signs 'Margaret'." 

"On Fridays she visits the beauty salon of Rene, a Mayfair hairdresser, and often leaves for the country shortly afterward for the family's cottage in Sussex."

Princess Margaret lavish way of paying

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Princess Margaret, who was known as rather glamorous and rebellious in comparison to her sister Queen Elizabeth II, was detailed in the publication to be living a privileged royal life, benefitting from a home at Kensington Palace, refurbished by the tax payer for a hefty £85,000 ($204,000).

Touching on how the sisters were often examined side by side throughout their lives, the article reports that Margaret once told Andrew Duncan, author of The Reality of Monarchy, "When my sister and I were growing up, she was made out to be the goody goody one. That was boring, so the press tried to make out I was wicked as hell."

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