Prince Louis's sweet family nickname revealed as Kate spills all at wholesome event

At a recent royal engagement Catherine, the Princess of Wales revealed Prince Louis's sweet family nickname - and we're obsessed

Prince Louis's sweet family nickname
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Prince Louis's sweet family nickname was revealed by the Princess of Wales at a recent royal engagement, and we can't get over how cute it is!

Prince William, Princess Catherine, and their three youngsters were snapped in Slough on Monday, May 8, 2023, as the trio concluded the coronation weekend with some volunteering work at the Big Help Out.

During this event, Prince Louis was photographed in an actual JCB digger as he got stuck in and helped his parents to build the new Scout House. But in another, potentially even more adorable moment, Princess Catherine called her youngest son by his nickname - and we are totally obsessed with it!

During the engagement, some sticks and marshmallows were handed out and the young royals began toasting them on the fire pit to make s'mores. The young Prince was very excited about this and started waving his sticky marshmallow stick around. Catherine quickly noticed and said to the youngster, "Pop that in the fire, Lou Bug."

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Fans loved this adorable moment and took to social media to compliment the sweet nickname. "Did Catherine call him Lou-bugs?? How cute!" said one fan.

"Lou bug! Oh god thats adorable!" said another. "Lou bugs is such a cute nickname #PrinceLouis #BigHelpOut," added a third.

Others were also loved seeing the young Prince enjoying his s'mores so much. "It's the head flop as he tastes that sweet treat pure joy! Bet he's a great kid to be around, lots of fun and personality," said one fan.

"Louis was in s’mores heaven," said another. "Louis is all of us when having the first bite of a more!!" said yet another.


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Prince Louis isn't the only member of the Wales family to have an adorable nickname. Prince William's adorable nickname for Princess Charlotte has an international twist as the Prince calls his only daughter, 'mignonette' which means'  'small and delicate' in French.

However, Princess Charlotte has total opposite nicknames at school and at home as the only daughter of Prince William and Kate Middleton was apparently known as 'Warrior Princess' by staff at Willcock's Nursery School because of her adventurous nature. 

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There are a number of other fun Royal Family nicknames that are used between members of the family to show their affection and familiarity for one another. Kate Middleton's adorable nickname for Prince Charles is the sweetest royal family secret we've heard for a while as it was discovered that she calls the King 'Grandpa,' just like her children.

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