How Kate Middleton showed her love for Prince William during the coronation weekend

Experts have claimed that Kate Middleton showed her love for Prince William in a very obvious way at one key Coronation event

Kate Middleton showed her love
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The Prince and Princess of Wales put on a united front this weekend as they, and their children, attended a variety of royal engagements for the King's Coronation.

This weekend the spotlight was on the Royal Family as the UK celebrated the coronation of King Charles and Queen Camilla. The Prince and Princess of Wales took a center stage at many of the coronation events, and fans could see clearly how the pair interacted with one another.

One body language expert has revealed that Princess Catherine's affection for Prince William was particularly highlighted during one coronation event and her love for her husband was clear for all to see.


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Speaking on behalf of Betfair Bingo, Darren Stanton revealed that the Princess's love and respect for her husband was most apparent when Prince William made a sweet tribute to Queen Elizabeth II as he made an emotional speech about his 'Pa' at the Coronation Concert.

"Kate’s reaction to William’s speech was one of complete pride. If you noticed, she tilted her head and had a massive smile. When a person tilts their head it’s a sign of admiration and pride. Kate was clearly proud of William as she knows he is not the most confident of people," said Darren.

The expert then said that the Prince also seemed more confident at this event than he has been in the past. "That said, we didn’t see the usual tell-tale signs that we’re used to seeing that proves William has evolved when it comes to his confidence. William showed humility and spoke from the heart. His body language, he had his hands in front of him which can appear slightly defensive, but in terms of the rest of his non-verbal communication, he has come on leaps and bounds when it comes to his self-assurance. We saw plenty of open-palm gestures which denotes authenticity and being comfortable in your own skin," he concluded.

The expert added, "For Kate, her reaction was a telling moment that displayed how much she is in love with William."

Kate Middleton

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For many, Princess Charlotte's hilarious reactions at the Coronation Concert were another highlight as many loved watching the young royals interact with one another. At one point the Princess even perfected her curtseying as she was filmed curtseying to her grandfather, King Charles as he walked past her at the concert. 

Speaking about how King Charles seemed at the Coronation Concert, the body language expert commented that he pushed himself 'out of his comfort zone' to dance and enjoy the night.

"King Charles is not an overly extrovert, confident man, but even so we have seen a decrease in the pacifying gestures he usually relies on, like hand to mouth and hands in the jacket, picking at his cufflinks, in recent events. When the camera caught him in shot watching the concert, it was unusual for Charles to push himself that far out of his comfort zone," said Darren.

The expert explained, "He was dancing in his seat, waving the flags - not one shot of him in the crowd displayed boredom, it was authentic and he was clearly very much enjoying himself. At times, there was a hint of sadness in his eye - no doubt thinking about the Queen and how much she would have loved to have been there. But overall, we saw some fantastic body language from Charles and willingness to be more open and personable with the public, a gesture from him in gratitude for all the support the public has shown him over the weekend.”

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