We're obsessed with Princess Charlotte's hilarious reactions at the Coronation Concert - from being annoyed with Prince William to perfecting her royal curtsey

A rundown of all of Princess Charlotte's hilarious reactions to the Coronation Concert as the young royal showed her pure joy

Princess Charlotte's hilarious reactions
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Princess Charlotte's hilarious reactions to the Coronation Concert may well have been the highlight of the evening as the young royal delighted onlookers with her unbridled joy.

The Prince and Princess of Wales and their two oldest children, Charlotte and George attended the incredible Coronation Concert at Windsor Castle on Sunday. The royals were joined by many members of the extended Royal Family but all eyes were on Princess Charlotte as she delighted fans with her animated and enthusiastic attendance at this event. Here's a rundown of all of our favourite moments...

At the beginning of the night, the Princess was delighted to receive a Union Flag and furiously waved it throughout the concert to show her excitement.

Princess Charlotte

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The young Princess then showed off her incredible curtseying skills as she greeted her grandfather and step-grandmother as they arrived to sit by them at the concert. 

While he may be her grandfather, the Princess showed she understood his royal position as she perfectly greeted them as they walked by her. Fans loved this sign of respect from the Princess and complimented her diplomacy on social media.

Fans also loved one adorable moment when the Princess got excited that Prince William was on stage. Prince William gave a sweet tribute to Queen Elizabeth II as he made an emotional speech about his 'Pa' at the Coronation Concert

Seeing her father on stage excited the young Princess who turned to her older brother and pointed to him. One fan commented on this sweet moment online, "Princess Charlotte pointing to Prince George as her dad takes to the stage! Lovely."

The Princess also loved singing along to the performances and particularly seemed to enjoy Katy Perry's set. One fan shared a video of the young royal singing along to a song with the caption, "Princess Charlotte singing along to Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ at the #CoronationConcert"

At one point the Princess also got frustrated with her father, the Prince of Wales. Like a typical dad, Prince William decided to annoy his children by waving a union flag directly in their faces. 

The young Princess didn't hide her feelings of irritation as she ducked out of the way of the flag and grimaced. Fortunately, the irritation didn't last long and she immediately started waving her own flag with excitement as the concert continued.

Princess Charlotte

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The Princess' excitement at this concert was a highlight for many viewers who loved seeing the Royal Family enjoying themselves and letting their guard down to dance and enjoy the festivities. 

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