32 health and wellbeing habits to learn from Meghan Markle

We look at the Duke of Sussex's achievable - and healthy - lifestyle habits

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex attends the Land Rover Driving Challenge during the 2022 Invictus Games at Zuiderpark on April 16, 2022 in The Hague, Netherlands, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex joins a conversation to discuss the nature of violence against women and girls while she visits ActionAid during the royal tour of South Africa on October 01, 2019 in Johannesburg, South Africa, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex visits the Hubb Community Kitchen to see how funds raised by the 'Together: Our Community' Cookbook are making a difference
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Meghan Markle has always been an advocate for a healthy lifestyle, often giving us a glimpse into her healthy habits. 

Long before she was a royal - when she was still playing Rachel Zane in the hit TV show Suits - she ran a popular lifestyle and wellbeing blog, The Tig. Here, she covered everything from beauty and fashion to food, travel and wellbeing tips. Although she took the blog down when she stepped into the royal family, she never stopped being passionate about the topics covered in her blog.

A big supporter of healthy living and looking after yourself, Meghan is at the top of her game when it comes to giving us all inspiration to live better within our busy daily lives. Her lifestyle brand American Riviera Orchard is the start of Meghan's foray into becoming her own lifestyle brand and sharing ways in which we can all live happier, healthier lives.

Here, we have brought together 32 of Meghan's best health habits to inspire you, from finding your own creative outlets to the importance of daily movement.

32 health and wellbeing habits to learn from Meghan Markle

Eating home-cooked meals as much as possible

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex visits the Hubb Community Kitchen in London

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It may seem obvious, but cooking your own meals is one of the easiest healthy habits we can all follow. Meghan is reportedly a lover of a good old-fashioned home-cooked meal, ensuring that the family spend time together most evenings.

One of her favourites is apparently a vegan take on the Canadian classic dish, poutine, offered at one of her favourite eateries, By Chloe.

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Finding a creative outlet you love

Meghan Duchess of Sussex signs the visitors book at Edes House during an official visit to Sussex

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As we know, Meghan balances being a businesswoman, mother and wife among many other responsibilities. But, she has also ensured she has creative outlets for herself that allow her some time to decompress. Most notably, before Meghan became a part of the royal family, she ran a lifestyle blog called The Tig, which covered all aspects of modern life, from fashion to food and travel 'for the discerning palate'.

Finding supplements that work for you

Natural Health Supplements

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Meghan is a well-being and health icon, inspiring us all to be a bit more active, eat a little cleaner and appreciate life daily. In an interview with Grazia, the Duchess noted that part of her well-being lifestyle is to take health supplements that work for her and her needs. Specifically, magnesium (improves bone health and quality of sleep), Vitamin B-12 (regulates blood and nerve cells) and ashwagandha (boosts cognitive function and reduces anxiety). 

Trying to eat more greens during the week

Meghan Markle visits the iconic Titanic Belfast during their visit to Northern Ireland

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Speaking in an interview with Best Health in 2019, Meghan revealed that during her intense filming schedule of Suits, she tries to eat as vegan and plant-based as possible, with a little more flexibility at the weekends. While we’re not expecting people to cut out all animal-based products immediately, we think there is something to be said about having a couple of plant-based meals every week. Not only will you save money and get your greens in but it will also help cut down on your carbon footprint!

Use exercise as a form of meditation

A woman running

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A fan of running, Meghan is a big believer in meditation through exercise. While we know that may sound hard, we think it boils down to a very simple philosophy - using exercise in any form and being outside as a way to get out of your head and take time to focus on ourselves. When we run (or do other activities) we give ourselves time and space to take a step back and put things into perspective. Running is also a great way to clear your mind.

Try the occasional wellness treatment to reset

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex attends 2023 Variety Power Of Women at Mother Wolf

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Wellness treatments are the ultimate form of self-care to treat your mind and body. The Duchess has long been a fan of acupuncture and Eastern medicine as a whole. A long-time sufferer of migraines (once so bad she had been hospitalised for them), Per Chalkboard Magazine, Meghan uses the practice of acupuncture and cupping to relieve chronic pain. Cupping is the practice of using cups on different parts of the body to create suction and draw fluid from certain areas, relieving inflammation and pain, while acupuncture involves inserting thin needles into certain areas to stimulate sensory nerves under the muscles and skin.

Tea tree oil is a 'cure-all' you need in your handbag

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex attends the Land Rover Driving Challenge during the 2022 Invictus Games at Zuiderpark on April 16, 2022 in The Hague, Netherlands

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When we think of tea tree oil, we often think of using it to curb spot breakouts as a teenager. However, Meghan revealed in an interview with Allure that she carries a very inexpensive bottle of Australian tea tree oil with her wherever she goes. While not “glamorous”, she says it is a “little cure-all” for everything from pesky spots to mosquito bites and little cuts. The benefits of tea tree oil don’t stop there, as it is also a handy treatment for helping combat body odour and help you make the most of your moisturiser.

Taking breaks from social media

A person holding a mobile phone with a white screen

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We all are guilty of endless scrolling on social media and staying up late browsing shopping websites and consistent use of phones and social media has already been shown to impact our physical and mental health in a variety of ways. Per The Independent, one top health tip from the Duchess that she shared during a visit to Wellington, New Zealand in 2018 to meet members of a youth programme is to stay wary of social media and how people present online. 

While this advice was aimed at the younger generation who are seemingly more and more online in everyday life, this is a sentiment everyone can get behind.

Having a support system to stay connected

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle speak on stage at Global Citizen Live: New York

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We all sometimes need to rely on friends and family to pick us up when we're feeling down. For Meghan, part of that system comes from her closest friends. Writing in a (now-archived) article on her old blog titled ‘Be Your Own Valentine’, she praised her two friends, and Suits co-stars, who are always a source of "sage advice", stopping her in her tracks when she was being unkind to herself. 

Be mindful of your posture

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex is seen at the Sitting Volleyball Competition during day two of the Invictus Games at The Hague

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Okay, so not a habit directly from Meghan herself, but one she clearly followed during her days on screen as Rachel Zane in the lawyer drama Suits was being mindful of your posture. Her trainer Craig McNamee revealed to Women's Health how part of Meghan’s fitness routine ensured she maintained good posture through exercises. These included posterior chain exercises and plenty of core work. Sounds tough, but rewarding! 

Adopting a holistic approach to health and wellbeing

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex speaks onstage during the Breaking Barriers, Shaping Narratives: How Women Lead On and Off the Screen panel

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As we age, looking after ourselves becomes more and more of a priority. When talking about ageing and the importance of wellness, the Duchess stated (per Vogue Australia) that she has changed her approach to ageing and looking after herself, saying that she doesn’t take care of herself for “aesthetic reasons” but because of how she feels on the inside and out. 

Journaling and taking time to reflect

Woman writing on blank page in notebook and having coffee Photo taken indoors in studio light (credit:knape)

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During an interview on the Teenager Therapy podcast, Meghan opened up about her relationship with journaling and self-reflection. Speaking candidly, the Duchess revealed how journaling has helped her through tough times in her life, allowing her to “reflect on where I've come from” and put big issues into perspective. Journaling is an easy way to let go of thoughts and clear your mind of what is worrying you. It's also worth keeping a hold of your journals so you can later look back and see how far you've come.

You are your own best company

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex departs the launch of the Smart Works capsule collection on September 12, 2019 in London, England

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The Duchess, despite being a wife, mother and full-time businesswoman, recommends doing things alone as one of her top health habits. In a now-archived blog post, Meghan writes how seeing a movie alone or taking yourself out to dinner is a great way to simply ‘be’. In another post, she divulged how she once spent nearly a month trying to “eat everything, meditate often, and simply love my life, every ounce of it” (think of the famous novel and movie Eat, Pray, Love philosophy). We think those are some excellent words to live by.

Exploring new food combinations

Plate of salmon salad with fresh vegetables on white background

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Meghan once revealed in her blog that one of her favourite ways to stay curious and treat herself is to try new food combinations. Her favourite treat you curiously ask? A 'red wine hot chocolate' (per Elle UK). A decadent type of drink similar to a Hot Toddy cocktail, Meghan wrote that it is a “remarkably easy yet decadent dessert”.

Hiking - if you can

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex visit Redwoods Tree Walk on October 31, 2018 in Rotorua, New Zealand. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are on their official 16-day Autumn tour visiting cities in Australia

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It is no secret that Meghan is a huge fan of the outdoors, and living in California is the perfect place to keep that healthy habit. When she is not attending galas, and events and being a full-time mum, Meghan is often spotted in the hills surrounding LA hiking with friends and sometimes alone. So next time you find yourself feeling cooped up and bored, why not dust off your walking boots and find a local trail to conquer? It’s a free and amazing way to keep fit and get out into the world. 

Don't forget to breathe

Young woman enjoying sunlight leaning on tree at a beach

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Life can get busy. And when that happens, sometimes we forget to do really simple things that can help centre us and give us focus. One of Meghan’s top health tips is just to breathe (not a huge shock there!). Per Hello!, a non-negotiable in her no doubt busy life we can all take note from is breathing and taking a moment to live “slowly and mindfully”. Using breathing exercises can help you with a myriad of issues we encounter in daily life, from falling asleep to relieving pain.

Try her 'daily motivation' technique to keep up your fitness routine

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex joins a conversation to discuss the nature of violence against women and girls while she visits ActionAid during the royal tour of South Africa in 2019

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From core-strengthening Pilates to using treadmills to help you get a sweat on, sometimes we just don’t really feel like exercising, even though we know it's good for us. One of Meghan’s tried and tested methods to stay motivated and on track is daily motivation. She revealed to Women's Health that on those days when you don’t really feel like working out, remembering how “euphoric” you can feel after is a great way to keep yourself on track and ready to move. 

Explore mindful drinking

A person pouring rose wine from bottle into glass against beautiful peonies

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In an interview with Best Health, the Duchess admitted that while she is a fan of a glass of wine when relaxing and having some me-time, she does so in moderation. “Do the things you enjoy within reason. Know your body and what works for you and you’ll be fine" she revealed. We couldn’t agree more on the importance of moderation and listening to your body. An easy way to moderate your alcohol consumption is 'mindful drinking', the practice of being aware of just how much you drink - and why.

Regular facials (or gua sha)

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex attends a reception at Glencairn, the residence of Robin Barnett, the British Ambassador to Ireland

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In an interview in 2014 and before the days of dating Prince Harry and being associated with the royal family, Meghan was already inspiring people’s wellness and health routines. She revealed to Birchbox how she is a huge fan of facial massages by aesthetician-to-the-stars Nicola Joss, who sculpts faces “from the inside out”. While visiting a facialist can be a pricey habit, the sculpted effect of a facial can easily be achieved at home using a gua sha

Practising gratitude

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex attends a Commonwealth Day Youth Event at Canada House with Prince Harry

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Practising gratitude is a tried and tested self-care and health habit many of us swear by. Something as little as noticing the beauty in the world around us, or being grateful for our bodies and how they serve us is a free and effective health habit you can notice results from fairly quickly. Meghan is a believer in the art of gratitude, writing on her now-archived blog that we all have much to be thankful for and that we all have our purposes. Read this useful guide on the many ways we can all practise gratitude.

Eating heart-healthy foods

Sushi with pink background

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The Duchess has revealed in several interviews that one of her favourite lunches is a simple Japanese favourite; sashimi. This high-quality raw fish is rich in heart-supporting omega 3s, this lunch is an easy health habit/ food option that will keep your heart and stomach happy. Not a fan of sushi or fish? There are plenty of omega-3-rich foods you can incorporate into your diet, including walnuts, certain types of eggs and veggies like spinach and brussels sprouts.

It's important to prioritise your mental health

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex attend Invictus Games Vancouver Whistlers 2025's One Year To Go Winter Training Camp

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Of course, eating well, getting exercise and generally looking after yourself are all important health habits. But, we would be nowhere with these rituals if we didn't have good mental health to go with it, which is one something we know both Meghan and Prince Harry prioritise.

In various raw interviews, as well as in her Archetypes podcast, Meghan has spoken about her issues with mental health, saying that talking is an important way to share experiences and remain connected in difficult times. The benefits of therapy and knowing the type that works for you can't be understated.

You don't need to splurge on a gym membership

Fitness, road and woman tie her sneakers before training for a running marathon, race or competition

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Sometimes a gym membership can feel a little pricey and a bit of a splurge, especially if you don’t always keep at it. But Meghan swears that doing her fitness herself is a cheap and easily maintained health habit. In an interview with Women's Health in 2016, she revealed how she is a big fan of at-home workout DVDs and going for a spontaneous run. Downloading workout apps is a great way get get the most out of your treadmill

Taking time for yourself

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex attends the Athletics Competition during day two of the Invictus Games The Hague 2020 at Zuiderpark on April 17, 2022 in The Hague, Netherlands

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In a 2016 interview with Women's Health, Meghan admits that one of her top healthy habits that cross over with self-care is properly taking time for herself, saying that "taking an hour to decompress, watch mindless TV, snuggle with my dogs and enjoy a glass of wine” is all part of the “investment” and balance. Small rituals and treats are a necessity to switch off from our busy day to days. This can take so many forms, from treating your skin to an at-home facial treatment to finding a new addictive TV show to binge.

Green juices really are worth it

Cropped shot of young woman sitting on the sofa at home, drinking a glass of fresh green detox juice with reusable metal straw (credit: d3sign)

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The next time you think of reaching for that cup of coffee or sugary drink, take a leaf out of Meghan’s book and have a green juice. Per Today, the Duchess is a big believer in green juices and their health benefits, describing the vibrant juice as a “nice pick-me-up”. Whether it’s a post-workout refresher or an accompaniment to a meal throughout the day, a green juice (or smoothie!) is an excellent health habit that is easy to follow and delicious. The Duchess recommends blending apple, kale, spinach, lemon and ginger for an invigorating juice.

Consider stress patches

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex and Dr. Vivek H. Murthy speak onstage at The Archewell Foundation Parents’ Summit

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In 2023, Meghan was spotted wearing a small white sticker on her wrist. What was revealed was that this small but mighty sticker was an anti-stress patch. Said to promote calm, relieve anxiety and create a feeling of zen, anti-stress patches exploded on the internet following Meghan’s sighting wearing one. They are said to work by slowly releasing stress-supporting ingredients like B vitamins and CBD into the bloodstream. While their efficacy has not yet been medically proven, there have been some studies to suggest that certain ingredients within these patches such as CBD are very good at penetrating through the skin to offer a sense of calm.

Breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day

Oatmeal porridge with apple and cinnamon in bowl on grey concrete background

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Royal biographers Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand reveal the Duchess never misses breakfast to start her day. In Harry and Meghan’s biography Finding Freedom, the biographers write how Meghan’s daily routine began with “a cup of hot water and a slice of lemon, followed by her favourite breakfast of steel-cut oats (usually made with almond or soy milk) with bananas and agave syrup for sweetness”. Sounds like we have some new breakfast inspiration.

Using lash serum to achieve fluttery eyelashes

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex departs after a visit to town hall in Germany

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Meghan’s simple yet effective approach to skincare and make-up is just one reason why she has become a style inspiration for so many of us. Her signature fluttery eyelashes are not the work of the good old fashion strip lash, but a rather powerful lash serum that she swears by to give her effortlessly pretty eyelashes. In an interview with Allure, the Duchess revealed that she is a lover of the serum from RevitaLash, which boasts a manner of ingredients said to strengthen and lengthen lashes to create a fluttery, strip lash effect. 

Having an affirming daily mantra

Meghan Markle at an event

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Writing on her popular - and now deleted - lifestyle blog The Tig, Meghan writes how upon reaching her 33rd birthday, she had reached happiness through years of searching for it. In the blog post, she reveals how despite having a tough decade in her 20s, it was only when she was at a meeting with a casting director that she came across the powerful mantra “You need to know you are enough”. In that vein, adopting a mantra to say to yourself or display near you is a great way to keep yourself motivated, especially when you're in a funk.

Yoga, of course!

Young Woman twisting a yoga mat

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Growing up, Meghan was surrounded by the practice of yoga and all of its amazing benefits, as her Mother was an instructor. Her preferred type of yoga class? An intense Vinyasa class, per an interview with Best Health Magazine. A slower, but sometimes more intense type of session, they are often called Vinyasa ‘flows’ as there is a smooth nature to switching between poses that are held for longer. But, any type of yoga is a health habit we can get behind. 

Her reliable skincare routine

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex attends the Invictus Games

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A lot of us have different skin concerns that change with age, diet and other factors. The Duchess has an inspiringly simple approach to her skin health, revealing that a good subtle exfoliant and serum is the base of her envious, signature glowy look we all wonder how we can achieve. Knowing your skin type and getting your skincare routine right might take some trial and error - but it's truly worth it.

Exercising with a loved one

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex attend the athletics event during the Invictus Games at Zuiderpark

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Speaking on the Mad World podcast, Prince Harry revealed in 2022 that both himself and Meghan are big fans of boxing as a way to stay fit. The hobby started for Meghan before she met the Prince, however, as she was a long-time client of Jorge Blanco while filming the popular American TV drama Suits. Blanco revealed in an interview with Vanity Fair Spain that when training with Meghan, a whole host of activities was on the agenda, from martial arts to boxing and kickboxing. Sounds intense!

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