Tryst - Wordle players furious with 'impossible no vowel challenge'

The word tryst has infuriated wordle players who were unable to solve this five-letter word that featured no vowels and only consonants

Tryst - wordle
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The word 'tryst' has proved to be an 'impossible' challenge for a number of wordle players who struggled to solve this tricky puzzle with no vowels.

Words such as aphid,  triteagape, and pinto are all recent wordle challenges that players have been stumped by in the past few weeks. And the wordle challenge on July 22 was much like these words as players were beaten by a five-letter word consisting only of vowels.

Frustrated players have taken to social media to complain about this recent 'impossible' challenge, as fans complain that it was 'too difficult' for the average player.


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"Wordle 398 X/6 Nah this word is too difficult for my average brain," said one player who failed to solve the puzzle. "Wordle 398 X/6 FU**IN STUPID OBSCURE WORDS," said another frustrated player.

"Wordle 398 3/6 utterly impossible, but then obvious," said another player who found it tricky but ultimately managed to solve the puzzle.

Others blamed the New York Times for making the words more challenging over the past few weeks. "#Wordle398 4/6 Is it just me or has the NYT upped the level of obscurity over the past couple of weeks??" said one player.

"Wordle 398 4/6 Happy with 4 during Wordle’s recent hard season," said another who also found the challenges in the past weeks difficult. 

Tryst meaning

Many players struggled with this word because they were unfamiliar with the word 'tryst'. If you were one of these players, you are not alone! So what does tryst actually mean?

The Cambridge dictionary defines tryst as, 'a meeting between two people who are having a romantic relationship, especially a secret one'. 


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