This scenic small town in the Highlands is Scotland’s most popular holiday spot

And yes, of course, there’s a whisky distillery

 Gordie Broon Photography
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The most popular Scotland getaway has officially been crowned, and we've already booked our train ticket. 

Overseas travel may not be permitted just yet—but that doesn't mean we can't vacation on our own land. 

Britain's northern parts boast some of the country's most beautiful gems, including the world-famous Scottish Highlands. Fort William, also known as the Outdoor Capital of the UK, has recently been voted the most-loved small town in the region—and we can certainly understand why. 

The idyllic spot offers the ultimate escape from urban life after a year of lockdown, promising gorgeous scenery, historic castles, and of course, unbeatable whisky. Before you go, it's best to invest in some solid footwear (check out our best walking shoes if you're unsure) so you can fully embrace Fort William's laid-back, outdoorsy vibe. The adorable town is just a two-mile walk from Nevis Range Mountain Resort, the home of the UK's highest peak, Ben Nevis, meaning there's no excuse not to get out in nature. 

Gordie Broon Photography

(Image credit: Gordie Broon Photography/Getty)

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It's also within driving distance of the majestic West Highland Peninsulas, which consist of unspoiled coastlines, heather moorland, and glistening lochs. And of course, it has a top-quality whisky distillery where you can relax and sip on some organic liquor after your hiking adventures. Nn'nean, Fort William's most recognized producer of whisky, is known for its sustainability and innovation—two things we can fully get on board with when it comes to a cheeky tipple. 

It's not all sweating and boozing though. Fort William is steeped in arts and culture, having hosted plenty of iconic films in the past. Movie buffs will be delighted to know that scenes from Harry Potter, Braveheart, The Da Vinci Code, and 007 Skyfall were all shot in the breathtaking region. 

When it comes to accommodation, Fort William has plenty of options. You can enjoy a splash of luxury by booking into a lodge with a hot tub, or go the rustic route and stay in one of the town's countless hostels or guesthouses. 

And if all that's not enough to convince you to go north, we don't what is. 

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