The trick used by I'm a Celebrity campmates to have secret conversations

The campmates in I'm a Celebrity developed a secret way to communicate so that producers can't air what they are saying to each other

I'm a Celebrity secret conversations
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The campmates in I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here developed a very clever hack so that they could have private conversations that wouldn't be aired to the public.

I’m A Celebrity 2021 started with a bang on November 21 and already there has been nothing but chaos from this beloved ITV reality show. Less than a week into the competition the I’m A Celebrity 2021 line-up has already been altered as Richard Madeley was hospitalized after a challenge and was then axed from the show altogether. 

As well as drama in the camp, some of the contestants have received criticism from viewers watching from home. Many fans have accused Naughty Boy of taking voting 'too personally' after the British DJ announced just days into the show that he planned to quit.

Although there seems to be nothing but drama from the show, and it appears that as viewers we are seeing everything that happens in the camp, this is not always the case. Some former contestants have revealed the secret way that the campmates communicated so that they could chat without ITV airing their conversations to the public...

I'm a celebrity 2021 line-up revealed

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Writing in The Mirror, former contestant Victoria Derbyshire revealed, "If we ever wanted to talk about something privately that we didn’t want to appear on television, Shane [fellow 2020 contestant and EastEnders actor Shane Richie] told us to sing a famous song in the middle of it because ITV wouldn’t want to pay for the rights to the track, so wouldn’t include it on the show."

Victoria competed in the 2020 series of I'm a Celebrity and her story was corroborated by her fellow campmate Jordan North in an interview with Radio 1.

Jordan North, was the runner-up of the series and explained that often they would sing well-known hits from films or by famous bands that ITV wouldn't be able to get the copyright for.

"Before we went in, we were told not to sing any songs by Queen, The Beatles, or Disney because we can't get them cleared," he said.

"That means you've got to get the rights for it. So if we were having a conversation that we didn't want to go on air, we'd have a conversation and we'd get someone in the background to sing I Want To Break Free."

"So I'd be there with Shane Richie going, 'Is he really like that? I've always loved him on the telly'. Shane's saying, 'Can't stand him mate, he is nothing like you see...' Then you've got Vernon in the background going, 'Hey Jude, don't let me down'. Then we'd know it wouldn't go on air!" 

Victoria Derbyshire

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Although we can't be sure that the campmates in the 2021 series are using this tactic, it is certain that they have been given advice from former I'm a Celebrity contestants who may have told them this hack.

Current contestant Frankie Bridge is married to Wayne Bridge who took part in the show in 2016. The former footballer most likely gave his wife as many tips as possible before she too took on the challenge of surviving the ITV competition.

I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here finishes in a few weeks and continues every night at 9 pm on ITV.

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