I'm a Celebrity revelation shows contestants are more pampered than you may think

An insider has revealed that the contestants on I'm a Celebrity are more pampered than you may think and have access to cigarettes and hot water

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I'm a Celebrity Get me Out of Here stars are more pampered than we may have been led to believe, as an insider has revealed that they have access to free cigarettes and hot water.

I'm a Celebrity always pushes contestants to the edge and the living conditions coupled with the lack of food, challenges and lack of heat makes for some very intersting television.

Only days into the competition we have seen contraband being snuck into the camp by some of the I'm a Celeb contestants. Naughty Boy stealed away some spices in his sock so that he could season the bland meals of rice and beans they would be given. 

We have also already seen how poor the living conditions are. Within minutes of arriving at the camp, Danny appeared to break part of the shower by yanking on a loose chain, possibly breaking the shower for everyone there.

However, are all of these problems just for the viewers? An insider has revealed to The Sun that although the conditions in I'm a Celebrity may look horrible, there are many creature comforts given to the celebrities who may not be struggling as much as they seem.

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The insider revealed that in actual fact the showers are warm and there are certainly no icicles forming on the faucets. "The castle is certainly no holiday camp, but the stars are being afforded much more luxury than the viewers are told," said the insider.

“The castle itself is really cold, but the shower does get warm enough to be more than comfortable to wash in."

“There are certainly no icicles forming on the showerhead as mentioned. Bosses can flick the hot water on in a second, just like your average punter can with their boiler at home." So although the water may not be boiling hot, the campmates can enjoy a relatively warm shower that is far from freezing. 

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The insider also revealed that the filming location of I'm a Celebrity, Gwych Castle, is also warmer than it may appear.

Although many of the tasks revolve around the campmates keeping warm in the castle, the crew is in complete control of keeping the fires burning and firing up the boiler. 

“All of the tasks they have to do in order to ‘fire up’ the boiler are just for show. The producers decide when the water is hot or cold," revealed the source. “The campmates don’t have to put a single log on the fire if they don’t want. They’d still get warm water if bosses press the button."

It appears that the crew is in complete control and, "They only turn it on once they’ve decided the contestants have done enough."

The source also revealed that cigarette breaks are available to campmates who are off-camera when they smoke. “As for the cigs, you’d have thought the celebrities had been stranded on a desert island the way they clamor for them," revealed the source.

They also revealed that some of the current campmates are keen to keep up their nicotine habit as they revealed, “Danny was asking for one within an hour of the entrance trial ending. David had two smokes in less than an hour."

Previously, contestants have used smoking as a means to cheat. After competing on I'm A Celebrity Australia in 2015, Cricketer and presenter Freddie Flintoff revealed that he had cheated by using smoking breaks in the show.

"In England you see them smoking all the time. In Australia, they don’t let you smoke on TV so I said 'I'm a smoker', which I'm not by any stretch. They asked me how many I wanted a day so I said five knowing I'd have to do it off-screen."

"I'd walk out the gate and there'd be a chair with a cigarette that I didn’t have, I just sat and had some peace to myself, not filmed and nobody's hearing," the sportsman told BBC Radio 5.

He then revealed that he was then able to access fresh water, unlike his other campmates. "I also then noticed there's a medical hut 50 yards away. You don't get water, if you want water you boil it and I'm thinking it's a hassle. So in the medical hut was a water tub, a water fountain. So I picked all the putty out the window and took it out then filled my bottle five times a day."

"I was more hydrated than I'd ever been in my life. [My wee] was crystal clear. After a few days, I was thinking, 'they must think I'm a camel'. Nobody's seen me drink."

Freddie Flintoff

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I'm a Celebrity Get Me out of Here continues on ITV2 tonight at 9.15 pm. 

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