Shawl—Wordle 289 frustrates fans with uncommon word

The word 'shawl' has infuriated Wordle fans as some have struggled to work out this unfamiliar word in the latest challenge

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'Shawl' is the most recent Wordle answer to stump fans, as many take to social media to share their confusion, as some insist 'shawl' isn't a word!

Wordle has been known to throw a few curveballs at players and put words such as 'lowly' and 'rupee' as answers for the daily word game, and Wordle 289 was another difficult challenge for some players.

Wordle players were confused by the word 'shawl' which was the answer to the Worlde challenge on April 4, 2022. While it may be a common word for many people who wear shawls, many players appeared to be confused by this common word and took to social media to share their confusion.


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"Today's wordle is SHAWL f**k you," said one annoyed player. "WTF IS SHAWL?" said another Wordle player who failed to guess correctly.

"My first wordle loss I feel sick…" said another who failed Wordle 289."My streak has come to an end" added another disappointed fan who also couldn't work out the answer. 

Other players even claimed that there was a gender bias with this word. "Missed again, but in my defense...What man would ever think of the word, shawl" said one disgruntled player.

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However, there were many players who were delighted with this word challenge and took to social media to show off their word game abilities. 

"Wohhhhhooooooo easy peasy #Wordle289," said one player.

Another said, "Sometimes it’s disappointing when it’s so easy. Like this took less than 15 seconds. Now what? Wordle 289 3/6."

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What is a shawl?

A shawl is an article of clothing that is most commonly worn by women across their upper back and shoulders. 

The Cambridge dictionary defines a shawl as 'a large piece of cloth worn especially by women or girls over their shoulders and/or head." A shawl can be made in a variety of different fabrics and can be worn in the summer as a light wrap or as something more sturdy in the winter.


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Even though some may not have correctly guessed 'shawl' today, fortunately, there will be a fresh challenge. Although, players that know all of the Wordle tips, and Wordle hacks can still need a little bit more practice so that they can improve at this game. 

Thankfully there is a solution as there are plenty of Wordle alternatives, such as Heardle and Foodle, that fans can play when they have completed their word challenge of the day.

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