Rupee—Wordle 255 stumps fans as many ‘freak out’ about losing their streaks

Wordle 255 has stumped the game-playing community as fans take to the internet to complain about the challenging word

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Rupee, the answer to Wordle 255, has stumped a lot of fans who have been baffled by the challenge set by the New York Times game-makers.

Even with all the Wordle hacks and Wordle tips, sometimes Wordle just loves to throw a spanner in the works with a ridiculously challenging word like trove or caulk. Now, once again fans have been left furious as the game has surprised players with another “impossible” word, rupee. 

American fans were frustrated in earlier weeks when the British slang word bloke was permitted in the game, and once again they have voiced their complaints about the Indian currency featuring as a Wordle answer.


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Fans were disappointed by their ruined Wordle streaks and many took to social media to share their frustration, with many fans even questioning what the word rupee meant.

“Wtf wordle is rupee even a word 😭😭” said one social media user.

“I can’t believe wordle would do me like that with RUPEE why 😭😭,” said another distraught fan.

Other fans also claimed that the word rupee should not have been included in the challenge. “Today’s Wordle is RUPEE. Not sure that one counts. #Wordle,” said one indignant fan. 

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Other players were a little bit smug and enjoyed watching the chaos as less fortunate players shared their frustration online when they couldn't complete the challenge.

“I genuinely can’t wait for people to FREAK THE F OUT about today’s Wordle answer. Remember when everyone was big mad about “bloke?!” Whoooooboy. #Wordle255," said one fan.

“I can see this one destroying a few streaks... #Wordle #Wordle255 Wordle 255 5/6” said another.

“Absolutely loving the chaos of people not knowing what a rupee is,” said a third.

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What does rupee mean?


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Although this word may not be a common one in some people's vocabulary, the word rupee refers to the form of currency used in places such as India, Indonesia, the Maldives, Mauritius, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

In the same way that the UK uses the British Pound Sterling, and the US uses the United States Dollar, the Indian Rupee is the currency used in India.

Although it may not be a word that is frequently used in many people's day-to-day life, it most certainly is a word.

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