Trove—Wordle fans left frustrated by yet another hard word

Wordle fans are frustrated as their favorite word game has challenged players with yet another answer that fans are calling 'impossible'

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Wordle fans have been challenged by yet another 'impossible' game that has infuriated fans and left many vowing to quit the game entirely.

Even if you know how to play Wordle, and you're familiar with all of the Wordle hacks and Wordle tips, the game can throw you a real curveball. 

Fans were reminded of this today when Wordle 249 stumped a lot of players and led to heartache online as fans furiously asked, what on earth is a trove?

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"Wordle 249 X/6 right that's it I'm killing myself," said one fan who failed to get the answer. 

"Wordle 249 X/6, My streak ends here 🌚" said another devastated fan who shared their failure on social media.

Comedian Rosie Jones even chimed in to share her sadness that she too had failed to get the correct word. "Did this at midnight last night and genuinely didn’t get to sleep until 5am because I was reliving every decision I have made in life which has brought me to this moment of monumental failure," she said.

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Other players argued that 'trove' is not a word and didn't even consider putting it in. "My dumbass legit thought of the answer and was like yeah that’s not a word and I lost," said one Wordle fan on social media.

"WHAT THE F**K IS THAT WORD," asked another fan.

While some fans have sworn off Wordle for good and are looking for Wordle alternatives, others have poked fun at their poor attempts to successfully finish the game.

"I like my wordle how I like my women. nearly impossible to get and mentally exhausting," said one fan on social media.

"I hate this game. Yet, here I am," said another player who refused to give up despite their lack of success.

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What is a trove?

Many fans are still scratching their heads and wondering what on earth is a trove? According to the Oxford dictionary, a trove is, 'a store of valuable or delightful things'.

A good example of this is the phrase 'treasure trove' which could mean a cave filled with treasure such as gold an jewels. A more modern use of this phrase could relate to a wine cellar filled with expensive wines, this could be referred to as a 'trove of rare wines'. 

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