Bloke—Wordle 250 delights Brits as British slang word stumps US players

The word 'bloke' has delighted British players and infuriated American players who are stumped by the word game's recent challenge

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Wordle 250 has delighted some fans and infuriated others as the game makers have selected the British slang word 'bloke' as the answer for today's game.

Even with all the Wordle hacks and Wordle tips in the world, sometimes Wordle just loves to throw a spanner in the works with a ridiculously challenging word like 'trove' or 'caulk'. But when it came to Wordle 250, fans were pleased the word 'bloke' appeared as the answer.

The word bloke, meaning a man in British slang, has been celebrated by Brits for this 'easy' victory, others have been frustrated by the challenging word that is much less common in American vocabulary. 

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Fans took to social media to share their delight. "I guess this word was to get the UK and Aussie wordlers back onside. Wordle 250 3/6*" said one player who was pleased with their success.

"The Americans aren't going to like Wordle today... #Wordle250," said another British player.

"#Wordle250. Yay, one for the Brits and Aussies! Can't wait for USA to wake up - oh the meltdown 😂" said another.

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Other players were pleased that the New York Times seemed to mix it up and favor British players. "Can’t complain about US spellings today… #Wordle250 #wordle" said one fan.

Previously the game makers found themselves in hot water as fans complained about the word 'humor' which was spelled in American English without the 'u.'

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Players who are less familiar with the word 'bloke' have also taken to social media, but to share their disgust rather than their delight.

"I hate the British Wordle 250 5/6" said one bitter Wordle player. "THIS HAS TO BE THE MOST BRITISH WORDLE I'VE SEEN F**KING BLOKE," added another irate fan.

"Oh, so we British now? Wordle 250 5/6" added one sassy commenter who was displeased with their result. "Why'd they put bloke in the wordle Do I look British to you??" asked another fan.

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Some US players are now frantically searching for Wordle alternatives as they swear off the 'British' game, but for the majority of Brits and Aussie players, this is a day for celebration in the Wordle universe. 

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