Holly Willoughby adopts hair trend sparked by Meghan Markle with post-lockdown hairdo

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  • Holly Willoughby looks like she's adopted a hair trend sparked by Meghan Markle's post-lockdown hairdo - and fans are loving it!

    The TV presenter is currently enjoying a well-deserved summer break after she worked through most of lockdown to entertain and inform the nation.

    While she shared some secrets of how she maintained her mane during lockdown, Holly seems to have now reunited with her hairdresser for a touch up.

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    But while most of us rushed to the hairdressers as soon as they opened for a chop, Holly’s hair is actually longer.

    Fans loved her longer hairstyle and beachy waves, which are perfect for summer. One said, ‘your hair is getting so long now!! i love it💓’, while another wrote, ‘Love your hair longer 👌🏻’.

    A third added, ‘Love the waves!! You’re beautiful 💛’.

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    Holly might have taken inspiration from Meghan Markle’s own post-lockdown hairdo, after the duchess made an appearance a few weeks ago.

    While many people were desperate for a shorter hairstyle – which is also said to be a more hygienic haircut – Meghan looked sensational with a much longer hairdo when she spoke at the Girl Up 2020 Leadership Summit.

    The appearance sparked a hair trend, with search engine Google seeing a 170 per cent jump in searches for the term ‘how many inches does hair grow in a year?’.

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    In fact, hair stylist to the stars Larry King told us that lockdown had indeed sparked a desire to grow longer locks.

    “Lock-down has provided us with an opportunity to grow out our hair – and even pass that awkward stage you have to go through,” says Larry.

    However, he did recommended that people wanting to grow their hair should focus on keeping strong and healthy with strengthening products.

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