The ‘extreme’ haircut people have been opting for after lockdown

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  • After four months of hair salons being closed over lockdown, people across the country are now desperate to hit the hairdresser for a haircut.

    When hair salons opened up back at the start of the month on what was known as Super Saturday, people rushed to their local stylist to try and fit in a haircut appointment.

    But with four months to flit back and forth and decide on which cut to get, it seems that people are torn between two ‘extreme’ cuts.

    While some are set to opt for big changes for their first post-lockdown haircuts, others are more interested in the health of their hair according to experts.

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    “In the salon so far there has been a mix of two extremes and much in between,” says Craig Taylor, Creative Director at HARI’s salons.

    “Some clients have embraced their lockdown longer hair length and are looking to a cut that maintains the length but adds shape and deals with optimising their hairs condition. Other clients have wanted a complete change, some radical and much shorter.”

    However it seems that some are just desperate to get back to their polished pre-lockdown looks, as Craig adds, “The majority want to get back to the continuity of how their hair usually looked.”

    Post-quarantine haircut styles: What haircut is in style now?

    Hairdresser to the stars  Larry King also weighed in on the upcoming haircut trends, revealing that ‘re-emergence hair’ is set to be a big trend.

    He explains that this focuses on the idea that after emerging out of lockdown, people are likely to want to something slightly more dramatic with their hair.

    However, while opting for a dramatic haircut, people are also going to want to pick a style relatively sustainable in case of a second lockdown.

    “As we are re-emerging from lock-down women are looking for transformational changes that are not only sustainable but impactful,” says Larry.

    “We’ll see fringes, a return to the layer and hair length.”

    Explaining the three styles he thinks will see a jump, Larry outlines:

    1. Fresh-face fringes: Arched to frame the face. A fringe will add structure and hide a multitude of sins
    2. The return of the layer: Shorter disconnected layers that embrace the texture of your hair opposed to thinning it out at the baseline
    3. The Great lengths: Due to lock-down, many will now have their dream length but will want to start to manage it moving forward

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