Duchess Meghan Markle sparks new hair trend as demand jumps 170%

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  • Duchess Meghan Markle has sparked a new hair trend after making an appearance earlier this week.

    Duchess Meghan Markle has sparked a new hair trend after stepping into the limelight earlier this week when she undertook her first official engagement since stepping back as a senior member of the Royal Family.

    The Duchess of Sussex debuted a new look when she made a virtual appearance at the Girl Up 2020 Leadership Summit on Tuesday.

    Fans were in awe of the mum-of-one’s striking locks, which she seems to have grown out throughout the lockdown.


    The gorgeous look featured flattering layers that framed the Duchess’s face and the straight style showed off her enviable length.

    And it seems like, despite the Duchess no longer being a senior royal, the Meghan effect is still in full-force as demand for the style icon’s new look has shot up.

    In the last week, search engine Google has seen a 170 per cent jump in searches for the term ‘how many inches does hair grow in a year?’, proving that beauty lovers have been swayed by the Duchess’s new style.

    Hair stylist to the stars Larry King weighed in on the increased demand for this glam but natural look, saying it’s likely that lockdown played a part in the re-emergence of this popular hair style.


    “Lock-down has provided us with an opportunity to grow out our hair – and even pass that awkward stage you have to go through,” says Larry.

    He also advised that best way to increase hair length is build stronger locks.

    “Stronger really does lead to longer,” he explained, adding that now is the time on the hair that people have managed to grow during lockdown.

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