The best flower delivery services for an easy but impressive gift

These are the best flower delivery services online for blooms delivered to your door quickly, easily and inexpensively

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To help you find the best flower delivery services in the UK we've looked at and tested all the best places to order flowers online. From big supermarket brands like Waitrose and M&S, who offer some of the least expensive ways to send flowers, to boutique brands like Bloom & Wild who always have a stunning selection of seasonal hand-tied bouquets to choose from.

According to a study by online florist Serenata, British adults are set to spend just over £1billion on Mother's Day gifts this year, with almost half of that amount going towards bouquets of flowers. So it's worth planning ahead and getting your orders in ahead of time to ensure you get the flowers and delivery date of your choice in March. 

When it comes to how much flower delivery should cost, prices do vary, and it's worth keeping in mind that at certain times of year such as Valentine's Day and Mother's Day, the cost of flower delivery will increase due to demand.

Several of the brands and flower companies featured below will deliver your flowers for free, or include delivery in the cost of the bouquet rather than charging extra. 

Brands such as M&S and Bloom & Wild both offer free delivery on all of their blooms for most of the year, while Waitrose also has free delivery on their letterbox flowers. Serenata is currently offering free Saturday and Sunday delivery for the Mother's Day weekend this year and free next-day delivery if you order by 10pm—so they should be your go-to for any last minute orders. 

What's the best place to order flowers online?

With so many flower delivery services to choose from, it's worth thinking about exactly what you're looking for. Some considerations to think about are: what kind of bouquet you want, how much you want to spend, whether you need next-day delivery and if you want to add any extra gifts to your order.

Our handy guide provides all of this information—and we've even picked the best flower delivery service for each need so that you can make your decision quickly and easily.

Our pick of the best flower delivery services in the UK

Flower bouquet from Interflora, one of w&h's best flower delivery service picks

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1. Interflora

Best for quick delivery and reliable service


Price range: £30-£450
Delivery: Same-day delivery available
Bouquet sizes: Not specified
Optional add-on gifts: Food, alcohol and sweet treat hampers

A longtime reliable flower delivery service, Interflora is a one of the most popular names in flower delivery. They offer themed arrangements for every special occasion, from birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine's Day, to friendship flowers, romantic flowers and just because. They even have a section dedicated to funeral and sympathy where you can choose from their thoughtful offering that includes sprays, wreaths and special tributes.

What stands out most with Interflora is their convenient delivery service. They even offers same-day shipping for the more forgetful among us and international delivery that covers a number of European countries as well as Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and the USA.

Flower bouquet from Bloom & Wild, one of w&h's best flower delivery service picks

(Image credit: Bloom & Wild)

2. Bloom & Wild

Best for seasonal blooms


Price range: £22-£105
Delivery: Next-day delivery available
Bouquet sizes: 12-80 stems
Optional add-on gifts: Candles, chocolate, mini champagne bottle, hand cream, pottery kit

Bloom & Wild made a name for themselves thanks to their handy letterbox flowers that can be posted anywhere in the country. Each slim box of blooms comes complete with handy guidelines on how to make your arrangement look beautiful—making it easy to dip your toe into flower-arranging and perhaps discover a new hobby. But as a name that's become pretty buzzy on the UK flower delivery scene, they also keep up with all the newest floral trends too.

Their round-up of beautiful bouquets is constantly changing to feature stems that are prosperous by the season—so much so that they even sell a mini real Christmas tree in the winter (which impressively can be posted through the letterbox too). And after Christmas, the tree can be planted in your garden so that you can watch it grow year by year—a great gift for gardeners. In keeping with current floral trends, they now offer dried flowers and house plants to buy online too.

Flower bouquet from Floom

(Image credit: Floom)

3. Floom

Best for supporting small businesses


Price range: Varies
Delivery: Same-day delivery available
Bouquet sizes: Varies
Optional add-on gifts: None

Recent years have seen a huge increase in small and home-run businesses—and for many of us, gift giving has become an opportunity to support these local ventures. However, shopping small or local businesses can often involve more effort than your standard online shop—so Floom is striving to make shopping small florists as easy as your Amazon order.

The site features arrangements from hundreds of different sellers across the country, meaning there are also various styles, sizes and price ranges available to shop too. And if you've been thinking of how to start a flower business yourself, Floom's website even has an easy page where florists can sign up to sell their creations.

Floom is also available in the US, so if you have any loved ones across the pond you can send them some blooms too.

Flower bouquet from Waitrose Florist, one of w&h's best flower delivery service picks

(Image credit: Waitrose Florist)

4. Waitrose Florist

Best for elegant arrangements


Price range: £18-£150
Delivery: Same-day delivery available
Bouquet sizes: 18-63 stems
Optional add-on gifts: Prosecco, truffles

Supermarket flowers have long been a go-to for many of us, but Waitrose has gone another step with their Waitrose Florist service that will deliver the blooms for you. Their collection is packed full of elegant arrangements that are made up of classic sprays like roses, lilies, tulips, sunflowers and hyacinths.

They offer high-quality stems that really give you the most for your money in terms of appearance, scent and longevity and they even have a letterbox bouquet option for quick last minute-gifts.

Flower bouquet from Bloom, one of w&h's best flower delivery service picks

(Image credit: Bloom)

5. Bloom

Best for sustainable flowers


Price range: £12-£229
Delivery: Next-day delivery available
Bouquet sizes: 1-80 stems
Optional add-on gifts: None

Championing sustainability in flower growing, Bloom works to create beautiful bouquets without leaving waste in their wake. They source their flowers from farmers who grow sustainably and make an effort to reduce their impact on the environment—and they ensure that their blooms stay fresher for longer by not using any harmful chemicals on them. As the only plastic-free flower delivery service in the UK, the company also uses 100% plastic-free packaging that is made from recycled paper. They also work to offset their carbon footprint by supporting reforestation projects, making it easier for you to make sustainable living choices whilst still enjoying beautiful fresh flowers at home.

What's more, is that this service offers the most gorgeous flower bouquets. They have a range of different offerings, including bunches that have been made using flowers fresh from the market, and for the more creative shopper they even offer the option to design your own arrangement.

Flower bouquet from Moonpig, one of w&h's best flower delivery service picks

(Image credit: Moonpig)

6. Moonpig

Best for easy gifting


Price range: £15-£120
Delivery: Next-day delivery available
Bouquet sizes: 1-50 stems
Optional add-on gifts: Personalised gifts, food & drink gifts, beauty gifts, experience gifts, home & garden gifts, jewelry gifts, toys & games, hampers

Moonpig is known for their wide offering of personalised greetings cards, but after expanding into flowers and gifts they're also a go-to for sending full gift packages. The best online flower delivery service for getting everything under one (virtual) roof with nationwide shipping and next-day delivery available, this is a no-brainer for when you need something quick but you want to make an impression too.

It's not only the pretty bouquet choices and convenient delivery options that make this a top pick, there are also countless additional gifts to add to your chosen blooms—from wine and sweet treats to ladies' jewelry gifts and beauty staples like a selection of the best perfumes for women (including some of our favourite floral fragrances). They even offer experiences gifts that could make for a romantic Valentine's Day date idea. Make them up a package they won't soon forget!

Flower bouquet from Serenata, one of w&h's best flower delivery service picks

(Image credit: Serenata)

7. Serenata

Best for bright bouquets


Price range: £27.99-£59.99
Delivery: Next-day delivery available
Bouquet sizes: 12-27 stems
Optional add-on gifts: None

Serenata is another longtime name synonymous with online flower delivery. A reliable service that offers a bit of everything, if you want some classic but bright blooms, Serenata will fit most of your needs. Their arrangements are all designed around a central colour theme, so expect bright co-ordinated looks. They offer a wide selection of bouquets designed for different occasions and they also have letterbox flowers available for when you need to send a quick last-minute gift.

The company also now offers a flower subscription service where you can choose the style of bouquet you want and they'll send one every month—plus you get a free vase with the first order.

Flower bouquet from Arena Flowers

(Image credit: Arena Flowers)

8. Arena Flowers

Best for flower subscriptions


Price range: £19.99-£1200
Delivery: Next-day delivery available
Bouquet sizes: 11-100 stems
Optional add-on gifts: Alcohol, chocolate, home fragrance, plant care, vases

For thoughtful gifts that keep on giving, flower subscriptions are a no-brainer. As well as their gorgeous hand-tied bouquets, range of letterbox flowers and selection of plants, Arena has a number of different flower subscriptions available that you can choose depending on your needs.

With a choice between three months or 12 months and options to have deliveries come weekly, fortnightly or monthly, you can go for whichever one suits your giftee (and your bank account) the best. Each delivery comes with either one or two types of seasonal stems that have been freshly picked and accompanying greenery that you can arrange yourself at home. A lovely 40th birthday gift idea or 50th birthday gift idea for someone special.

Flower bouquet from McQueens Flowers, one of w&h's best flower delivery service picks

(Image credit: McQueens Flowers)

9. McQueen's Flowers

Best for luxury bouquets


Price range: £60-£1,250
Delivery: Next-day delivery available nationwide, same-day delivery available in London
Bouquet sizes: S-L
Optional add-on gifts: Candles, champagne, chocolates, vases

If you're looking for Valentine's day decorations or a luxury bouquet to gift to someone special, this is the flower delivery service for you. McQueen's bouquets use seasonal blooms to ensure the freshest quality and longest lasting stems and the arrangements all come in pristine shapes.For Valentine's Day this year, their bouquets are made up of fresh and high-quality roses—with lots of different romantic hues available too.

With so many luxurious and unique designs available, McQueen's flowers make great engagement and wedding gifts too, thanks to their impressive floral arrangements. 

Flower bouquet from The Happy Blossoms, one of w&h's best flower delivery service picks

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10. The Happy Blossoms

Best for dried flowers


Price range: £12-£95
Delivery: Next-day delivery available
Bouquet sizes: Various
Optional add-on gifts: Candles, chocolates, vases

Dried flowers have had quite the resurgence over the last few years, with a lot of people preferring them to normal flowers thanks to their longer lifespans and boho chic style. Although they offer fresh blooms too, The Happy Blossoms is all about pretty arrangements of dried flowers in an array of stylish designs.

They offer a range of different bouquet sizes, from small bunches made up of just a few stems to impressive arrangements that could fill a large vase. Their collection is made up of a choice of different designs, with various colour themes available—and they even have a range of options that can be used for weddings, making the Happy Blossoms gift card a great gift idea for couples who are newly engaged. 

vases of flowers from Marks and Spencer

(Image credit: M&S)

11. M&S

Best for affordable bouquets


Price range: £20 - £100
Delivery: Next-day delivery available
Bouquet sizes: Various
Optional add-on gifts: Chocolate, Champagne, Prosecco, Percy Pigs

Last but most definitely not least is premium supermarket brand M&S, whose beautifully presented and affordable flower shop has provided a reliable and efficient flower delivery service in the UK for years. With an impressive selection of bouquets to choose from year-round, the flowers from M&S look much more expensive than they actually are, and unlike other delivery services where flowers arrive looking a little wilted and need to be perked-up in water, M&S bouquets are delivered with a wow-factor.

The premium supermarket brand also now have a range of house plants available to buy online, from small succulents to large palms and everything in between. There are even plant sets that have a few different pots in them and lovely flowering plants too if you want to give a bit of a hybrid gift.

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