Aldi announces a major change and customers are not happy

Changes are ahead...

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Aldi have announced they will be changing their opening times so that customers watching the Euros will have more time to shop this summer.

Stores will be opening early on Sundays while the Euros are on so that shoppers will have more time to browse.

The supermarket revealed that although the shop will be open, customers won’t actually be able to buy their items until the shop officially opens. This extra half an hour has been put in place to allow customers to browse the aisles before they purchase their goods when the shop officially opens. 

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Communications Director at Aldi UK, Richard Thornton, said the scheme has been put in place because of the football, saying, “We can’t wait for the football to kick off this weekend and want to help our customers enjoy the tournament as much as possible. Opening earlier will give fans more time to stock up on the great quality Aldi bargains they need to enjoy the football.”

On social media, the shop announced, “Still need to stock up for the Euros? We've got you. Our stores are opening half an hour early on Sundays in England and Wales, so you can make sure you get everything on your list.”

One shopper said, “Not really necessary surely, most folk know what they want when they're doing their weekly shop - no need for 'browsing time', I'd rather be in & out asap.”

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Another shopper said, “What a daft idea in my honest opinion, stores with restricted delivery times due to it being Sunday anyway, now the store will actually be open BEFORE the fresh bread and produce is even delivered into store, staff have no time to work this stock as it is, no thought involved by corporate again.”

One shopper even commented, “Is this really necessary? I don’t think the matches are starting till 15:00 at the earliest. Plus if people have been up late the night before watching matches are they going to arrive at Aldi at 09:30? I don’t think so…”

Aldi will continue opening their store half an hour earlier on Sundays in England and Wales until Sunday, 11th July 2021, when the Euros end.

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