Fashion designer Alice Temperley's eccentric Somerset home is a maximalist's dream

Peek behind the scenes of Alice Temperley's exquisite home in Somerset, every bit as stylish as expected from a fashion designer's home

Alice Temperley compilation with interior and exterior of Alice Temperley's house
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Alice Temperley MBE has had an illustrious career as a highly admired fashion designer for over 20 years and therefore we couldn't wait to peek inside her Somerset property – instinctively knowing it would be incredibly stylish.

As an iconic British fashion designer, Alice has dressed some of the most famous women in the world, including both Kate Middleton and her sister Pippa Middleton to name a few. 

Alice's extraordinary home in the West Country features in the new TV show Abbey Clancy: Celebrity Homes on ITVBe, and we were given behind-the-scenes access to the incredible mansion...

Inside Alice Temperley's house

Let's start with the house itself, which is extraordinary. "The history of this house is insane," Alice tells Abbey. "William the Conqueror gifted it to his brother after the Battle of Hastings. Originally a castle, most of it burnt to the ground in the 1300s. It was built back up in 1811, so it's all original from that time."

Alice has lived in the property for 12 years and now shares it with her son and menagerie of animals, which includes alpacas, donkeys and a Shire horse.

Luxurious living room

Maximalist living room with animal print sofa in Alice Temperley's house

(Image credit: Abbey Clancy: Celebrity Homes| Salamanda Media| ITVBe)

Evidently not a fan of the quiet luxury trend, Alice's main sitting room is a vision painted in dark colours and embellished by gilded gold accessories and glorious animal prints galore. 

The maximalist decor is a treasure trove of magnificent finds, with every piece in her home telling a story - from an old pirate flag used for decoration to the roll-top bath, embellished with a mosaic finish and made entirely out of broken mirrors (more on that later). To say this house is unique is an understatement.

"There's been a lot of influence from my friend Jerome who owns the Les Couilles Du Chein on the Golborne Road in London," Alice explains. "So a lot of things are from him.

"And because I lived in Notting Hill for the best part of 20 years, a lot of things were found going through the markets and vintage markets. My nickname was Magpie. I know that I will always love it. You mix things together, from places you've travelled or collected that's what makes an interior interesting." 

It's fair to say Alice is a fan of sourcing second-hand furniture pieces you'll treasure forever.

Decadent piano room

Alice Temperley's house with piano room

(Image credit: Abbey Clancy: Celebrity Homes| Salamanda Media| ITVBe)

"When you walk into the rooms, it's an explosion of different clashing prints," says Abbey. "The animal print, the deep jewel colours it's opulent, it's rich, it's so unique."

When asked about her interior design trend choices Alice tells Abbey, "I don't really have a concept for any room, apart from putting what I have together and making it work. If colours and patterns work together I pair them."

A lot of the fabulous fabrics used to furnish the house are Alice's designs, from her newly launched Temperley London x Romo collection, a partnership which was two years in the making and saw Alice’s dream of creating an interior collection become a reality. Alice’s fashion archive has been transformed into a captivating collection of fabrics, wallcoverings, trims and cushions.

"With a mixture of techniques, rich patterns and textures, the designs capture a 'British eccentricity' which is unique to Temperley London," says Alice of her new interiors collection. 

Rivkie Baum
Rivkie Baum

"Alice Temperley is a British designer brand that has a long heritage in dressing members of the Royal family. Her distinctly ethereal and delicate style has made her a popular choice for wedding and occasionwear, with the Princess of Wales, seen sporting the designer on numerous occasions. Alice is actually responsible for some of Kate Middleton's best red carpet moments."

Country-style kitchen

Pale blue kitchen in Alice temperley's house

(Image credit: Abbey Clancy: Celebrity Homes| Salamanda Media| ITVBe)

Alice's kitchen has a certain country charm thanks to the pale blue kitchen cabinet colour and Shaker-style design. 

Because in the original layout, the kitchen would have been in the basement (Downtown Abbey style), Alice put the kitchen in when she moved into the house.

The kitchen is a well-considered, characterful country-inspired space. "The island is made using local stone from a local quarry. I love the French green colour, (the kitchen) feels classic - especially with the AGA," Alice adds.

Eclectic dining room

turquoise dining room with table filled with colourful candles and dinnerware in Alice Temperley's house

(Image credit: Abbey Clancy: Celebrity Homes| Salamanda Media| ITVBe)

In the episode, you see French doors that lead out from the dining room into the sprawling garden beyond and that's where the donkeys and Shire horse are free to wander into the dining area to eat with the family. Puts a whole new spin on entertaining friends and family...

"I've painted it in this amazing Turkish Blue," Alice explains, sharing her source of the on-trend interior paint colourTurkish Blue by Fired Earth available at Designer Paint.

"The table has a good story, it's from Wells Cathedral," says Alice, "and the chairs are all just from local auction houses." The coloured glassware and vibrant candlesticks are ideal for dressing the table for parties, especially now thinking ahead for Christmas decorating ideas.

Beautiful boudoir

Alice temperley's house bedroom with leopard print bed and pink walls

(Image credit: Abbey Clancy: Celebrity Homes| Salamanda Media| ITVBe)

From the dreamy pink paint colour on the walls to the leopard print upholstered bed this room oozes London fashion trend influence for sure. 

What you can't appreciate from the photographs is just how high the dome-shaped ceilings are in this magnificent circular room – because don't forget it was once a castle. It's something to behold. "It is beautiful waking up in a round room," adds Alice.

Get the leopard print look for your own home:

Boujee bathroom

Eclectic bathroom in Alice temperley's house

(Image credit: Abbey Clancy: Celebrity Homes| Salamanda Media| ITVBe)

This bathroom is part of a 'his & hers' set of bathrooms on a split-level mezzanine floor, a unique element of architecture that makes this house so bespoke.

Now onto the bath..."I did that late one night with my friend, after drinking a bottle of vodka," Alice explains. "I'd smashed a mirror and so I thought 'I know I'll make a disco ball bath' so up we went with some glue." It's certainly a statement - we wonder if it'll catch on for the latest bathroom design trends.

With so much to take in we can't decide which room is our favourite but what we can tell you is that the house comes into its own when you watch the episode – so don't miss it when it airs tomorrow night, Thursday 9th November.

Abbey Clancy: Celebrity Homes airs on ITVBe on Thursdays at 9pm.

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