Sex and ASMR—these are the sounds that are sure to get you in the mood

Sex and ASMR are a match made in heaven, according to experts—so what exactly is ASMR and which sounds are deemed the sexiest?

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Sex and ASMR are both known as natural and enjoyable mood boosters. Better still, it turns out that combining them can get things extra spicy in the bedroom.

In an age where sex positivity is de rigueur, checking out sex therapy is no longer taboo—the quest for how to have better sex doesn't have an expiration date, unless you let it. Heck you might even be wondering how to have sex outside to add a little flavor outside of the bedroom!

Before you accidentally get arrested for indecent exposure, why not try one of the hottest sex trends 2023? For those of you not au fait with the feeling, here's the lowdown on what it actually is first and then we'll get onto the sounds sure to get you and your sexual partners' rocks off!

What is ASMR?

ASMR, or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, has become a worldwide obsession. As countless users enjoy ASMR videos and audio recordings, across all manner of social media platforms, it's obvious that there's something quite special about this unique sensory experience. So what exactly is it? 

Although some say it's a pseudoscience, there's some evidence that ASMR can help individuals fall asleep fastsleep better, and for longer.

The term is used to describe an experience of a tingling, calming sensation experienced by some people as a result of particular audio or visual stimuli. This includes passive, relaxing sounds such as crackles, whispers, and certain accents.

ASMR is a unique feeling, which the Guardian refers to as 'euphoric,' that begins at the top of the head and descends all the way down the spine. Also known as a, 'brain orgasm', or, a 'brain massage, ASMR is often used to help people destress, drift off to sleep, and even get a little extra horny!

So what are the sounds that get people in the mood? From whispering to water, adult sex toy company, Mega Pleasure has looked into the best ASMR sounds to listen to during sex to turn on both you and your partner, as well as the average monthly search volume for these sexy sounds. 

What ASMR sounds turn people on

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To get you and your partner in the mood for a night of steamy sex, whispering into their ear is bound to give them goosebumps and leave them breathless. Simply put your mouth close to their ear and gently whisper, telling them what you want to do to them and making dirty talk sexier than ever before. 

By keeping your volume low, the intimacy of the experience is maximized and is proven to intensity the moment, making your words just as powerful as your actions. Wondering how to have an orgasm? Well why not whisper how to your partner!


Not like complaining, more like the kind of moaning that emotes pleasure. Being one of the biggest turn-ons in the bedroom, moaning can really ramp up your night of passion. 

Allowing you and your partner to communicate without using words, moaning will show whether your partner is enjoying a particular position or act so you can provide each other with maximum pleasure. The sound of moaning during sex is a stimulus in itself, not only providing verbal cues but getting you going as you get a kick out of the pleasure of a partner. 


Sure to help you get over that itch and keep a sustainable sex life, a little bit of scratching goes a long way.

Many of us love to introduce a little scratching under the sheets, displaying our passion and intensifying the skin-on-skin contact. Although there is definitely such a thing as too much scratching, a gentle scratch on the back or shoulders can be a real turn-on which is just as effective when it comes to ASMR. 

Adding the sound of a light scratching against a duvet or the skin can be a subtle way to drive your partner crazy for a night to remember.

Water droplets

The sound of running water is known to be a great relaxation technique, helping us unwind and connect with nature to destress from the hecticness of everyday life. To relax and release your stress in a sexier way, introduce the sound of water into sex for a new experience that can take your passion up a notch. 

Moving from the bedroom to the shower or bath is a great place to start, switching up your surroundings, and enjoying the sounds around you. However, it might be worth reading our feature on how to have sex in the shower as it can be trickier than it looks in the movies!

Squelching and sucking

Although this may not sound like the sexiest of sounds, in the heat of the moment it is shown to be a huge mood booster. Once you get in the midst of the passion, the sound of intense kissing on either the mouth or other body parts is a great way to turn your partner on even further. 

Especially in quiet surroundings, the intensified sounds can really help the brain focus on the moment so you can maximize pleasure.

For those of use experiencing vaginal dryness, or just wanting to really take it up a notch, why not try the best lubes around to really get that ASMR going?!


The sensation of having a partner slowly and gently run their hands across our skin is a sensual experience that is bound to drive our body crazy. By stimulating the different areas and heightening the feeling of touch, introducing tickling into foreplay is a great way to awaken those sensitive spots.

According to the number of people seeking out tickle videos online, it's apparent that the sound of tickling is equally as much of a turn-on, adding to the intimacy. 

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Role Playing with added ASMR

Introducing role play into the bedroom is a popular way to spice up your sex life and start learning how to have better sex, immersing yourself in fantasy to fulfill your desires—even if you're still trying to figure out what your sexual fantasies mean!

For many, using a different voice to maximize the role-play is a huge turn-on, making the moment feel more authentic and allowing us to fully get lost in the storyline. 


Tapping ASMR is one of the most popular sounds for those ASMR fans. If you focus on the subtle sound of tapping, you may notice a tingling sensation travel down your body which awakens your senses and can definitely be incorporated into the bedroom during a night of steamy sex.


When done right, a gentle blow can drive your partner crazy, creating a strong connection between the two of you as you focus on the subtle actions that bring you together. 

A light blow into the ear is a firm favorite, tickling the nerves within the ear which creates a unique sensation that can send chills throughout the body. 

As well as the feel, the calming sound of a blow can be considered incredibly seductive under the sheets, so why not give it a try?

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